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Amy – Professional and Always Working!

This week, another of our writers are being featured – and in the limelight today is Amy F., one of our most faithful writers. We hope you enjoy the interview…
Amy, tell us a bit about yourself. Where were you born and where in the US do you currently live?

I’m Amy. I was born and raised in Toccoa, Georgia, but I’ve been living in Greenville, South Carolina for about four years now.

How long have you been writing for us — and how did you find out about us in the first place?

Just after I moved to Greenville, a relative who was working for told me about the company. It sounded like a good fit; in all honesty, it was a dream come true for me. I’ve been writing ever since!

What types of articles and other content do you like writing about — do you have any favorite topics or subjects?

Although I enjoy learning and writing about pretty much all topics, I’m drawn to the ones pertaining to psychology, the medical field, and science in some way. A few of the pieces I’ve had the opportunity to do actually teetered on the edge of the science fiction realm. As a dedicated sci-fi fan, those have been my favorites!

Describe just a bit of your writing process. How do you prepare for writing and actually execute on a customer order, step-by-step? What’s the process you follow?

After accepting a project, I spend some time acquainting myself with the company and industry it focuses on. As extra questions pop up in my mind, I let them guide my research. Once I finish researching and give all the information I gathered time to sink in and come together, I jump right into the writing process.

And how do you structure your work?

Most of the time, I write the introduction after the body and conclusion because it’s hard to tell exactly which direction the project is going to take until it develops a life of its own. Once the rough draft is complete, I force myself to walk away for a little while before proofreading and editing; otherwise, I’d end up reading what I meant to say rather than what I actually wrote. After a final review of the client’s notes and my work to be sure I didn’t leave out any vital details, it’s time to submit!

How would you say being able to work as one of our writers has helped you to gain experience and deepen your skills as a writer?

When I first started writing content, I forced myself to stay inside a self-imposed box strictly limited by the keywords for each project. Looking back, I’m sure my first several projects weren’t very interesting to read.

I think most new writers feel that constraint, don’t you?

Well, eventually, I realized more creative freedom was available than I was allowing myself.

I’ve become a lot less afraid to branch out and insert a little personality into each piece since then, and I believe it has made a world of difference in my finished product! In the beginning, I was intimidated by subjects I didn’t know much about, too. Pushing myself to venture outside my comfort zone has definitely broadened my horizons and helped sharpen my research and writing skills.

What do you do when you get stuck for writing ideas/angles?

Writer’s block does become an issue from time to time. When I find myself staring blankly at the computer screen, a nice walk around the neighborhood usually helps. Sometimes, inspiration comes from the smallest details and most unexpected places!

Many content producers today are working from their own homes — and that can be a challenge. What do you do to minimize distractions and achieve a professional environment, even while working out of your home?

I do work from home where distractions surround me all the time. As a mom of three, I’ve pretty much mastered the art of blocking out the rest of the world if need be. I have a dedicated workspace with the TV out of my immediate line of sight. Social media is off limits while I’m working unless it’s relevant to the project at hand.

It sounds like you have a very structured approach to working!

My workday begins at a specific time just like it would if I worked outside the home. Holding myself to certain rules and setting milestones throughout the day helps me stay on track. Writer Spotlight – John S. - Our Writer John S.
Our Writer John S.

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