The Power of Writing (or Outsourcing) a Book (or eBook) For Your Business

When it comes to authoring a book, many don’t know enough about why it’s so powerful, how to do it, or why they should. Writing a book can be a daunting task but therein lay reason, it’s so powerful. In writing you are crystalizing, auditing what is written, rewriting, passing it through editors, writing some more, fixing, and changing things. It’s in the focus involved that you get not just a book, but an entire arsenal of focused information on a topic!

Books take time and energy, thought, and patience. Many writers do a lot of new research when writing a book just to make sure they are fully up to date and optimal in their information. It’s this powerful mosaic of features that both make writing a book arduous and yet that makes the book powerful and useful, potent. You also get the author’s unique point of view, focus, and his or her education is apparent in the depth of the material.

Benefits of Writing a Book

Let’s start with the most powerful effect. Writing in the first place is a way to organize thought. Writing tempers your thinking and organizing that writing is good for your ability to think more distinctly, organize your thoughts better, and faster, and let’s be honest, when you get those pages out and the book starts to take shape, it feels pretty good don’t it? That feeling is part the skillsets sharpening and giving your overall thinking a polish, but a lot of discipline is learned along the way too so as it shapes up it tends to feel like tempered discipline and in the process your will power has been shaped as well!

Benefits of Writing for Your Business

In many companies people don’t have a lot of information to differentiate your business from the competition. Many write an about me page but overall, who has time to look at it when they’re trying to figure out something else?

Writing a book can help you clarify your company mission, your companies pool of talent, especially the CEO writing a book. When he or she writes a book they are often also giving the reader an autobiography about them personally and in relation to the business. The book should also include a lot of things like the story of how you built the business, why, what your mission was (and is a long the way, and how you did it.

A book may be written about something the business does and how the whole thing came together. People trust you more when they know you more. When you tell your story mixed with other lessons you learned, people can see that although you’ve amassed a great business, they see that like them (relating) you had a passion, and a mission, and they get to know more about everything.

Books written sometimes are the very way someone will find out about your system, business, corporation, or brilliant insights before using their product or service.

Books Won’t Make You Rich… Not by Itself

Many try to write a book because they’ve seen a lot of television shows talking about how people write and become instantly somehow, famous. The truth is, there are some people that do write a book and it alone does take them to the stratesphere, but behind the scenes there always seems to be a lot more to the equasion.

Many authors are scientists, business owners, individuals sharing insights, but often, you’ll notice they are part of a lab of scientists, they’re doing something that gets written about and prestige outside the book lends a perfect environment for a book to thrive. One asset is having an audience.


If you have an audience, it could be your business audience, a podcast audience, and so forth, then writing a good book has a built in credibility and an audience whom you’ve already impressed with whatever you’re doing. In that case writing a book can help promote your intelligence, insight, and the story nobody heard or read yet in such distinguishing detail. In this case the book fills a gap already ripe for filling.

Another thing to think about is that writing a book could become a sort of credibility advertizement for your small business. A book can help you connect to your small audience, and may expand that audience if the book is good. It will often make patrons to the business more comfortable because often people are thirsty for the whole story so they can feel trust, and know who and what they’re dealing with.

Trust = Informed

If your business is about being informative and you have a popular blog, you could write a book detailing while consolidating the consensus of the group (comments on the blog, emails, question/answer concepts and more.

A book can be a way to bring an audience, enhance their perceptions (current audience) and even to take them deeper than the site and seminars can in a short time.

Books Are a Fantastic Way to Catch an Audience Up!

Overall a book is a fantastic tool in business and just about any area of life where you want to inform deeply and it’s powerful when used correctly, written potently and potently towards a particular audience but the traditional way of writing and being published is taking a back seat to digital publishing. Most books are also available as an eBook, kindle, and the like, and also available as a hard copy book. Authors are starting to self publish because the internet has become a powerful medium to promote self-published books evening out the playing field for entry.

With sites like Amazon offering ways to print, publish, sell and distribute digitally, including barcode and all, it’s easy to get your words into the format needed. Marketing is like any other product online so there is a way to get in front of eyeballs, that used to be the privy of the book publishing houses which had a lot of red tape to get in (still do!) and be taken seriously.

In our next article we’ll cover how eBooks are becoming the power tool in online marketing, business credibility and informatibility. writers can even write your eBook for you! Taking the power of informative books and outsourcing it!

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