The United Federation of Content and Content Marketing: Search Engines

“Federation: an encompassing societal entity (like content?) formed by uniting smaller or more localized entities:” – Online Dictionary

Articles are the articulation of concepts, ideas, and synergy of systems. Article seems to be a root word of Articulation. Systems are the backbone of order and efficiency (energy conservation). In many ways, the Star Trek Universe gives us a great visualization of the internet and its synergies.

In the Star Trek Universe, there are many different franchises. Voyager, Deep Space 9, Enterprise, The Original Series, and so on. Each of these shows depicts one angle on a much larger system. There is a symbiotic going on between the show’s premise and the overall Universe (federation of planets?) that encompasses each segment. Many things within ALL the different factions are identical like rank, dressing, and especially protocols. Even this has sub-ecosystems’ that still work off the backbone of the larger picture (internet search).

In a way, we get to see all the different personalities of the Star Trek Universe focusing on one particular way of life within the overall eco-system. Like a hologram of a sort where you can see signs of the bigger system(s) within the smaller ones and the synergies of these systems all riding on the same rail, so to speak, like different trains all using the same rail, or all phone companies using AT&T’s original phone lines but operating independently.

Parsing The Expanse of Data

We can go out and diversify our search and absorb more parts of the system to see how the overall system synergizes and how the smaller parts are vital to the larger systems cohesion. Much like writers at a content mill are the front line, the main barrier between quality and respect and failure to reach the customer. If the content is bad, the business suffers a bad reputation. Although the smallest part, they are vital to the success of the business.

Much like states are a part of the United States but within each state is its own cities, and within each city is an array of angles within each. But it goes out too. States are a part of a country that is part of a continent, planet; an ecosystem with other ecosystems. You discover how your neighborhood works, then how the city works, then state, then country- to acclimate to your world at large and personally.

E-A-T Guidelines are the Template

for “Fitting into” the overall Search Engine Machine (algorithm)

The web is the same. The more you read content, the more you notice the overall structures every page is using. You start to see what makes one quality and the other not useful or off, according to the system you use to find the content. You only have to learn the E-A-T Guidelines Google puts out as a template and fit your content into it. They discuss formatting, on and off page things you should pay attention to, and structure of information, links out of your site (helps the reader further their research without having to think too much!) and so on.

Enter the Matrix… Google

(and other SE’s)

Like the Star Trek Universe, the internet is an overall “federation” of content that has its many ecosystems.

You can start from the controller of content- Google, Bing, and all other relevant search engines. Relevant because those search engines not making numbers and innovating fast are not really shaping the rest of the internet infrastructure of search.

Search engines came after content and websites started going up. In the beginning you had to know the exact address, even the IP address to connect to the sporatic sites on the young web. Now you can skip the library to library trips through cyberspace and simply do a search using the most powerful concept on earth- keywords and questions.

Finding Your Niche

Questions provoke the mind to look for answers, keywords are tags the search engine uses to find the right “ecosystem” for your content or the right content for your ecosystem (you searching for answers vs writing about what you found to post). You use Keywords or questions to search first for the overarching niche your answers are in.

The keywords eventually provoke questions as you research and start to find more new information. Those questions provoke new keywords and it goes on and on. The Search Engines help this process too by providing a way to find keywords and sub-niche keywords etc.

You dive deeper with keywords that fit within that niche (dig deeper for synonyms within the main target search (keywords that tell Google what you want, and more to specialize your search tighter and tighter. Using the right string of words these days, will in and of itself help you to nail what you want exactly! The same concepts you use to find this content are used to develop it and the network serving it to you; Only, the network is much smarter after decades of iterations and algorithm changes.

If you’re writing valid, potent, useful, and up to date information, and you follow the guidelines overall in inserting (and writing a certain way) your content into the Google Matrix, then the algorithm is helping you.

If, however, you’re trying to game the system, it’s designed to weed you out. That is if your a content provider, content poster, writer, etc…

POWER of Outsourcing!

If you have your content outsourced, be sure to know how this system works. Know what content and formatting is going to please the Google gods.

Pleasing Google is just working WITH the running system in place. Jumping on the freeway via an on-ramp if you will. The content is the personalized part, the vehicle for getting it to your readers, is the infrastructure or system, part.

Although most of the companies, you hire will know everything you don’t already, but some will try to trick you or will offer you only what you’re aware of, and not help you thrive. Often this is the independent writer, not a part of another system (ecosystem?) and who may not have enough exposure to those that know it like the back of their hand.

Professional Content Writers Know What to Do!

The good news, however, is that these content writers (who are adamant and aware) and especially those working in sync (in a company like a writing outsourcing business like (You are here but in our blog section).

Content marketing companies and SEO specialists (and the writers they hire and train) all know the rules backward and forward and are on the cutting edge of what Google wants- which is what the customer ultimately wants-


They want them quickly and potently. As people write and research current writing/posts for new information the web itself synergizes and becomes more potent.

In conclusion

So like the Star Trek Universe, the web requires you to (if you plan to write, post, or use content and content marketing through Search Engines), comply with the global standards. These standards are overall useful to everyone, and synergistically useful to the growth and evolution of the system. You start out in a niche, then you discover the overarching niche, then you discover how the overall and sub-niches fit together.

(like Voyager and Deep Space 9 fit into the same universe even though they are very different; Voyager is stuck 76 Light years away from earth, Deep Space 9 is a few hours at warp 9).

On top of the benefits of content marketing, the system is becoming an amazing tool that is used worldwide every second of the day. That means as I write this line likely tens of thousands if not millions of articles just got published. This iterates the web, they read, write it in another angle, add data they learned either from research, or just synergizing two concepts into one amazing piece of information! This makes the web the go-to place for information on anything! Don’t even get me started about YouTube!

Good Luck! Keep writing, outsourcing, and developing the world- one article or post at a time!

Write Well, and Prosper!

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