Why Outsourcing is so Valuable Beyond the Ease of Acquisition of Content

In today’s web, it more vital that you follow the Google guidelines than ever. The very system set up by Google and other search engines is designed to help you, not hinder you with all kinds of rules. The rules are there to create a synergistic systematic consolidation of the whole system’s power, even in its smaller components.

Work with the Flow

Writing the article in a way that makes the research process simple is imperative, but beyond that piece is a much more elaborate system that gets THAT content to the right people who crave the answers your offering. If you write a fantastic and useful article, but nobody or the wrong eyes see it, it’s no more useful than not writing it at all.

The content is paramount, but getting it to the readers efficiently, effectively, and in a way that is almost second nature, is what following the guidelines is all about.

The system is simple but not always easy to follow. For many, just starting out in content marketing or internet commerce, blogs, podcasts, and so on, the easiest part is writing the quality content, but beyond that step- many don’t know what to do next.

Not knowing what to do next means your system for writing the content may not be in sync with what it needs to read like, formatting, or what those searching are looking for specifically. The guidelines help you to see the whole picture, the bigger picture, and of course, the smaller picture.

Have it Done For You to See What it all Looks like

So what do you do if you don’t know how to write quality content? What about not having the time to do it yourself? In the past, this was a hard proposition. Hiring writers from a pool of freelancers found everywhere can be daunting.

Many writers are great at talking the talk, but when it comes down to it, they under-deliver or deliver your content late, which can back up other systems you were planning to launch to support it. It would help if you had some consistency in the pipeline until you get things under control. Outsourcing things you know little about, especially when entering the freeway of the internet, is a great way to get your feet wet. To learn how things are structured, how other articles are written in the same niche.

You can get a lot of hands-on training just looking at what’s done for you. See the effect, then discover the causes, and even if you get a good handle on how it’s done and can do it yourself, you may want to put your pursuits into play, so will need a way to make more efficient your time and willpower (time, energy, and effort).

Things Are Designed Now for Ease and Saving Time, Not Just Work

In the early days of the web, this was an arduous task even if you knew what YOU were doing because you often had to train the writer, which defeated the purpose of hiring them to do the task, for short-run outsourcing, that is. Writing isn’t always easy for everyone, and if the writer doesn’t love what they do, you will not get their best work.

Today, there are a vast array of businesses that can do all the heavy lifting for you. From writing the high-quality content to posting it to the right high ranking pages/sites and maintaining quality, they do it all now!

If you’re starting out, you can contact a deeply rooted company in know-how and know-who (talent scouting). They have the writers, train them in the full spectrum of what works, write, format, and present the content. You tell them what you want, they take it from there.

Writing Team & Research Synergy

That content is written by a writing team. That team is a valuable asset you can leverage to get not only content but content in a wide array of topics. The writers not only have previous knowledge of what your niche is trying to offer (information), but they have often mastered the art of researching using the very system you’re trying to get your content onto!

You get the benefit of their wellspring of knowledge, personal awareness (angles you may never have thought of), and their ability to scour the web for content that includes these unique angles, data, and expansive concepts that take your research to the next level.

They may write things you didn’t know you didn’t know- but needed to know! They are the great consolidators of information, but they are also the propagators of synergy. They write new articles to include fresh insights, their own, and those of other content providers (websites/pages).

Research Chemistry

The article they write and your post will later be seen by another writer who will add it’s a distinctiveness to its own (assimilating it like the Borg!). Still, they will write it in their own words and metaphors, and often will see an angle in two pieces of information that the other authors they researched didn’t. This evolves the original niche concept, and it goes on and on like this. A great article will not simply repeat ongoing data but will create new ideas out of current information.

Power in Numbers

(and numbers of skillsets!)

By hiring a writer (part of a team of writers) from a company with a team, you are tapping into the benefits of not just one writer, but in many cases, there are hundreds. Using the power of numbers, these companies can not only get you 1 article in a short amount of time, but they could get you HUNDREDS even thousands in the same time-frame!

Quality, attention to detail, and although the system is big, your article is written by a person who cares to write their best work!

Even if it’s on ONE topic you’ve tried yourself to keep updating as you go- a team of writers has powerful ideas beyond what one person will generally come up with. They are often writing on a large variety of topics so they are constantly, with each article written, updating themselves; a seasoned writer is a joy to read!

The Power of Iterations

(Outsourcing is tapping into Mastery)

Exposure to More Like Content

Often these writers are used to writing fresh content on the same niche concept. It’s the creativity of the human mind and the writer’s iterations on the same topic that makes this so powerful.

Sites like Articlez.com (strictly content writing) can give you a team potential even with just one article ordered to be written. You’re stepping into a well-seasoned and oiled machine when you order one article or 100. By that, I mean the writer AND the system itself that makes it absolutely simple.

Writers Love to Write!

The process has been going on long before you found them, and although you may be clueless about what to write (to excite and inform while also leaning readers towards your mission or sales page, blog etc.), they (the writers) certainly are not.

The writers do this all day, sometimes 7 days a week, so they are seasoned in many ways you may not be. Saving time and getting quality plug and play content you can trust frees up your willpower and gives you more confidence in the other steps you’re doing.

That’s worth more than the expense because it’s hard to rank on the web, so everything that helps you nail it faster and in a way you can learn from the work being done (what you do with the content after it’s written, i.e., if you outsource to a business, also, to post it on a high ranking site and so on).

The other beauty of today’s outsourcing is you get the quality that used to be only given to a business that grew a staff and seasoned over years at great expense. In many cases, 5.00-10.00 will get you a 400-500 word article that will knock your readers’ socks off! You don’t have to season or hire or maintain a team.

In the past, you had to do just that to get this kind of quality, but today’s infrastructures/businesses are letting you tap into their hard work for pennies on the dollar but with dollars of value due to saving time, energy, frustration, and peace of mind being the most helpful!

What you’re getting is not simply content- you’re getting “Contentment”! You’re getting the opportunity to have a professional whose job all day is to do what they love and benefit on what they’ve learned, and seasoned skillsets are a great bonus.

You Can Outsource Talent Built into a System Designed to Give You a Powerful Start!

Beyond the content writing, there are also other sources you will want to tap into. We just talked a bit about that in the last paragraph. Powerful systems that allow you to have the content written and posted on a high traffic site. Sometimes the price seems high, but you definitely get what you pay for.

When you try to network to the degree these companies (ranking your site businesses, building traffic organically, etc.) do, you will find that even if you could put in the time and energy- you may not be able to leverage what they can on your behalf. That’s the real Power in outsourcing- Not only getting quality, systematic talent but often they have much more power to get your marketing going than you do. They have seasoned and at-scale systems in place that can utilize power in numbers and synergy to create a powerful experience and traffic to your site- without all the headaches and time it took to build such a system.

One example is you can have a Guest Post written for you and posted on a high traffic site. That site is a blog whose owner has spent time, money, and expertise on making their site a Google Darling, so although your content is fresh- it’s going to get Google’s attention, as well as get instant credibility thanks to the site owner putting in a lot of work.

The site and the content creator are watching quality also for the good of their systems. They can’t just build up their reputation with Google, then let people post crap (and still keep their status as a high ranking site/page). So everyone is trying to get your content up and OPTIMAL, including what site they post it to (for traffic to your site through a link in the content or a call to action at the end).

These blogs network with content provider companies and get paid to put those articles in the stream of their blog, which often means they can ensure your content is accessed optimally. You get to bank on that blog owner’s work, simply by paying for the privilege!

In Conclusion

I’m sure you can see the overall benefits of outsourcing. You may not have known about how proficient the outsourcing market has become, so hopefully, now you can see a bit more than you did. The overall benefits are that you can get your content written for you by seasoned professionals. You can have it posted to partner sites (blogs we talked about above), making it an instant celebrity, so to speak. You can have new articles written, posted, and managed with some companies, like PosiRank.com, they seem to do it all!

Content marketing has become a fierce industry. If you’re getting your feet wet, it’s good to find these companies that can do many of the steps for you so you can get a gist of how it all works and can benefit from synergy (power in numbers including companies working together to create even more convenience and more powerful systems you can use, often from just one of them in the mix.

It’s definitely worth checking out your options. Do your homework. Good Luck!

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