Your Content - A Success ... Or A Failure?

What Does “Successful” Content Look Like?

If you need content for your content marketing efforts or for website pages (and who doesn’t nowadays?), you of course want — and need — content that is going to “work” for you — successful content, if you like.

But begs the question, doesn’t it — just what does “successful” content look like? How will you know when you have it?

“Successful” Content: Here’s Our Take

Here at, we have some definite ideas as to what successful content looks like.

Successful Content Can Be Achieved!
Successful Content Can Be Achieved!

First of all, let’s discuss something that we won’t handle for you (in most cases) but which is still super important – successful content is content that is distributed to the right persons (audience) at the right time (timing, seasonality) in the right way (channels).

Where is your audience — your target audience? Where are they hanging out and/or asking questions or discussing issues of importance in your industry?  How will you reach them there? And who are the big-shots (industry influencers)?

Simply put … you can have the most top-notch content out there, but if it is not getting to the people who need to read it, it will have no impact.

Secondly, successful content fits an online audience – It will be properly optimized for SEO (search phrases) so that it can be found by searchers. This content should be easy-to-read and digest and properly formatted for a web audience (headings and subheadings, active voice, non-promotional, good font size, small paragraphs, bullet points, etc.)

Simply put … don’t make your reader have to fight to understand your content, or fight the layout/formatting of it once it is posted online.

You CAN Win The Content Contest!
You CAN Win The Content Contest!

Thirdly, successful content helps people solve problems: product reviews (problem: which item should I buy?), service professionals (problem: which one is most qualified?), in-depth research (problem: what do experts say about this, what does the current data say?).

Simply put … people are not interested in hearing that your products/services are great. They have their own concerns and you have to speak to that.

Fourthly, successful content does not have to be a same-as-usual article, in the usual format. Your “content” could also be in the form of case studies, white papers or eBooks. You could develop DIY guidebooks, lists of tools and resources, troubleshooting guides, reviews of the latest offerings, and even visuals/infographics.

Simply put … you need to think out-of-the-box when presenting content, don’t just do things the way others have done them.

Fifthly, if you do need to present something related to the products or services you offer, try “educating” rather than “selling.” Put out a video, for example, demonstrating the proper way to use your gadget or tool or software — show it in action. Point out how your service is designed to overcome some limitations or go beyond what others (with similar services) are offering.

Simply put … people hate to be sold, but love to be educated.

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