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Content and SEO Basics to Pay Close Attention to in 2020

Perennial Content, E-A-T, and SEO Signals

Search engine optimization is a long game, not a short one. There are things you can do in the short term, but in the end, you need to go for the long game and prepare content that is perennial (timeless). If your following Google’s E-A-T guidelines, which themselves are perennial (quality will always be the goal), then you’ll likely do great; even after an update now or in the future.

Google seems to be trying to drive home more clearly, the E-A-T concepts anyway! Your marketing and content creation efforts should always keep the end-reader in mind.

Keep These Things in Mind

  • Google
  • Researcher
  • Readers Mission
  • Readers Time
  • Scanner or Reader (or both)

Let’s discuss how your page should appeal to your audience, even, and especially if you want the search engines to give it any priority.

  1. Think about how the researcher (you included) will approach their research

  • First they will go to a search engine, social site (social search engine), or their favorite news app (specialized search engine).
  • Any way you look at it they will use a keyword phrase that is quick and to the point, a long-tail keyword, or a question.
  • That keyword will often be a part of a sentence formed into a question (joiner words “we, I, with, of, “etc are important as Google can now interpret them in the keyword phrase, so be sure to include them in your keyword search).
  • Start thinking about the questions on your target reader/researchers’ minds. Consider using questions as your readers may, as keywords (but keep it under 5 words if you can).

website content ideas

Put Yourself into the Equasion

  • Try to gather as many questions YOU would ask if you were looking for information on THIS topic (you’re niche). Meditate on those questions and try to write an article that answers them. Simple. But not easy.
  • Content Writers (and professional ghostwriters) do this to create content for the web and to ascertain how to set up their websites and other properties as well. It’s the whole reason your readers/patrons are researching- to find answers!
  • Once you’ve found “your” questions, take some time to research “others” questions. You can find this in content with comments after the post. Find content like yours (competition?) in the same niche and start scrolling down to see what people ask.

Before we get into the actual content, let’s talk about formatting

Formatting of your page and your overall site is essential to making the experience for your researcher efficient, comfortable, and given a choice to read or scan. This includes images, bullets, paragraph sizes and breaks, subtitles and flow.

2. Formatting is Key

When your researcher arrives they come in two flavors – The scanner and the reader (and both). The scanner shows up and scans your article to find out if what you’re discussing in it could “possibly” give them the answers they seek.

Not wanting to waste time reading a whole article if the answers aren’t there, you’re saving them time and energy with the formatting of your post.

This means: If the answers aren’t there, you’ve done them the solid by not forcing them to read the whole thing before discovering that.

If the answers are there they will slow down and read that part of your article. If you answer enough questions (and you should also help them form new ones to further their research outside the context of your post (link out opportunity!) they may read the whole thing.

Basic Article Format:

getting to the top of Google
  • There should be 4-6 paragraphs for a 500 word article
  • Each paragraph should be roughly 100 words
  • Sentences should be concise.
  • A paragraph is best with three or more sentences
  • The first paragraph should introduce the overall theme but also introduce the reader to all the main points.
preparing case studies
  • The second paragraph should break the first main point out, then the others 1 point per paragraph
  • Don’t write fluff- keep it potent
  • the last paragraph should be a lot like the introduction only concluding the points and reiterating details they need to keep in mind. It should close the article and point the reader to a call to action of some sort.
  • Formatting should help break up the content, making the eyes glide over it without having to squint. Pictures, lines, and other elements dress up the content making it easy to see the overall theme before even reading a word.

The bottom line is you need to make sure it’s readable, formatted for efficiency and enjoyment (in that order), and overall professional, potent, and useful. It must speak authority on the topic, and be accurate. Reading is the main part of the experience, but people won’t read it if it’s just a block of text or sloppy.

Now that you have your content, you will need somewhere to put it. Your on site content is obvious, but most content marketing is done off site.

  • Posts placed on the right internet properties with a link to your site can help boost your ranking
  • Many companies have created deals with blog sites and high ranked pages and have made it push button easy to get your content into the right places
  • Never has the internet marketing landscape been so powerful and networked

Leverage The Power of SEO Services

blogging in 2019

Never has there been a better time to utilize the evolution of networks built-in and utilized through the internet. Companies have formed for the explicit purpose of making it possible, even feasible, for just about anyone to utilize push-button marketing. Push-button means you literally find the right service and navigate through what it is you’re trying to accomplish, and pay the fee to have it put together for you. The leverage of the internet has become a powerful thing.

Building your content correctly is the first and most important step. If your content isn’t presented professionally and with trust and authority busting at the seams, it won’t matter where you put the content; it simply won’t gain traction. A great article can stand the test of time, Google updates, and has so much potential, especially as you publish more and more across the web. Good Luck!


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