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Internet Marketing in the Age of Covid-19

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Things are going to be different now. Although the pandemic is changing what people search for, how they work, where they work, and the world trends are changing at breakneck paces, the quality Google expects of your content is the same. Content relevance is becoming more vital in the fight for search engine ranking. That means you will need to upgrade, update, and make more prevalent, your content.

It’s how you get your content out there that builds authority. The content itself is at the root of the whole effort. If you get your content on high page ranked and trusted sources and do everything right, but your content is lacking authority and expertise or doesn’t try to fully solve the issue, your efforts are wasted.

Time to get Aggressive with your Marketing Efforts

Content Marketing

Today’s internet offers many options that didn’t exist just a few years ago. As we’ll talk about further down- opportunities are afoot that were not  here just 3 months ago when the Pandemic Covid-19 sideswiped the world.

In the past several months the marketing efforts of a lot of people have slowed. Uncertainty in the markets and trends changing at breakneck paces has rattled a lot of people. Many are playing it safe and waiting to see what the landscape will look like before they plunge back into pushing their efforts. This is an opportunity, as this fear people are experiencing is misplaced. The internet landscape is as potent as ever, but some of the bigger players have stepped back (which allows you an opening to get in there with less competition).

You’d think they would have doubled their efforts noticing that others have backed down, opportunity is often found when things seem bad and others back off. This is your chance to jump in and get some traction. The other thing to consider is that with those people backing off on their marketing efforts, they risk YOU coming in and taking their traffic. The services they use to get that traction are hit when they don’t buy the services so these services are thirsty for your business to replace the lost revenue!

Start off on the Right Foot with Great Content

With all the changes in the Google algorithm over the years, many who have tried to game the system with subpar content found out that it’s a pretty bad gamble in the long run. But worse, they were penalized so bad they thought there was no coming back. The reality is, for many, updating the content and bringing their overall marketing to merge with the rules of E-A-T, could have saved their business.

So what is E-A-T?


You should become familiar with the concept of E-A-T.

It stands for: Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness and is directly related to good on and off-site SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In 2017 and May of 2020, after updates, it became more apparent to experts that the algorithm began focusing more heavily on E-A-T. Expertly written, Authoritative, Trustworthy, and useful content that, in the end, gives the end searcher what they’re after in the first place, generally, meet the criteria.

Utilizing other services is helpful to get that content into the right places to help your brand build authority. But it only works if your content is grade A. It must be formatted correctly, well written with verifiable facts, easy to scan (use of subheadings, paragraph breaks, and summary facts in bullet points and bold print), and overall follows the guidelines in E-A-T.

Fear and Confusion

The Google algorithm has become incredibly adept at reading, cross checking, and determining if the information has any authority across the web. Google can read and interpret your content and even compare the sites you link out to. This wasn’t always so the case, and many tried to game the search engines with shoddy content designed to not service the end reader but to rank. More and more they are being weeded out and the playing field for honest, useful content, is evening out. All you have to do is write amazing content that follows E-A-T and take aggressive action on your marketing efforts.

Others Bitten by a Google Update in the past Are Even More Worried in these Uncertain Times

Those that have been bitten by an update have backed off of marketing out of fear of a reprise, mix that with the uncertain climate of the times (Covid-19) and you have a recipe for fear. They hold off out of fear their efforts will be wiped out with next update. If they follow E-A-T on and off site, they’d have nothing to worry about!

In marketing efforts many have been doing for years they built up their networks but didn’t do much to make sure their content was optimized for E-A-T. Before they catch on, you have an opportunity to jump in and take some of that traffic by building your marketing strategy correctly- and fortifying it with great content. Make sure your content is the most useful, authoritative, and trustworthy out there. From day one.

The Market is Ripe for the Clicking

With a lot of people backing off, the market is thirsty for new business. This is the time to start marketing your brand (or trying again) because services, including professional content writing and SEO Services, are competing for your business. Now is the time to strike aggressively! It seems many are dropping the ball on marketing and you can pick it up.

Never before has it been so easy to take advantage of online content marketing. The landscape is set and those people backing away from marketing will eventually come back on the scene when they see how powerful and necessary it still is. You have a unique opportunity to pass up the competition or at least catch up faster while they simmer and stew.

The Landscape is Evolving

Internet Marketing companies, Search Engines, and a multitude of online platforms have been busy making the web into the networked superstructure it is today. Never before has it been so simple (but not easy to get up and running and ranking with just a little networking and tenacity. The “but not easy” part has been dealt with too!

Profound changes in how internet marketing and technology has evolved is leveling the playing field.  The insurmountable has become surmountable, provided you have great content to start the ball rolling. You can outsource your content writing, posting your content to the right places, and the full suite of things you need to do. But you need to get in there NOW.

Internet Marketing in 2020 is Powerful

Marketing is essential to getting your brand, product, or site on the map with the major search engines and in front of more eyeballs. In the early days of the world wide web this was an expensive and arduous task; often insurmountable by laymen.

The internet was young but evolved. Infrastructures were built organically and systematically for decades around solutions to this multi-threaded task.

Are You (and the search engines) Content… with your Content?

No matter how complicated the system gets, how the algorithm changes on Google, or what steps you have to take to get your brand, service, or product in front of the masses, one thing hasn’t changed- Content is your North star. It is what sets the foundation and tone of your entire effort to market online.

Content is the front line of your efforts. It must be both informative and engaging at its core. Always keep in mind, when writing your content, what people will need to know but also keep in mind any follow up questions that may also be in the mind of the reader. Your content should cover as much of the topic and fundamental follow up questions as possible. It should save people time and energy by consolidating answers to questions they may not think to ask but need to know too.

With bad content, bad formatting, fluff writing that doesn’t inform, or content with no authority, expertise, or trust simply won’t work. Content is the bedrock, the foundation and overall what makes use of the rest of the system.


Internet marketing is powerful and with so many people backing away to see what’s going to happen next, right now is a wonderful time to get your marketing efforts out there. Be aggressive, be brave, study what E-A-T guidelines are trying to tell you, and dominate!

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