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Answering Your Questions About Blogs in 2019

A great deal has been written about how important video content is to SEO results. And while it seems like THE solution, business owners must keep in mind that blog content is golden to the Google gods. If you are blogging, it should continue; if not, it should begin ASAP. Blogging is and should be an essential component of any successful content strategy in 2019. Did you know that…

  • Businesses have an over 400% chance of high search engine rankings if they feature blogs on their website
  • When a firm utilizes blogs as a part of their digital marketing plan, they can expect almost 70% more leads than those without blogs.

What is the most critical part of a company’s marketing plan?

Arguably, it could easily be blogging. According to a recent survey, over 50% of those responding noted blogging as the singular, most important tactic in their marketing arsenal. Other answers included email newsletters, social media posts, ebooks, in-person contact, and webinars. Only 30% of those who responded mentioned videos as the vital component.

How Do I Get Across Complex Issues?

Believe it or not, a blog is an EXCELLENT way to get across complex ideas, and when coupled with a video inside the blog, you’re completely on the mark. When it comes down to issues that require over 2,000 words or so, a blog is the right answer. Google concurs, showing that 10% of one’s daily informational needs are associated with learning about broad, complex topics. With that in mind, blog writers also often break down complex topics into multiple blog entries. Not only does it make it easier to digest, but much like an FAQ page, it’s written down for others to reference at later dates.

Why Do Readers Trust A Blog?

blogging in 2019
A Blog CAN Communicate Trust

All businesses have that one area where they shine, where they feel like an expert. A blog allows this expertise to shine, but in a more personable fashion. The blog is where the powers that be can address customer concerns, letting their voice come through in the process. It’s also the point where a brand can become more than a corporate symbol and becomes independent of the competition in the field. In a recent poll, respondents stated blogs were one of the top 5 most trusted sources for information on the Internet because the information came straight from the source.

How Can I Drive More Traffic To Our Blog?

We’re so glad you asked! There are a number of strategies to increase the traffic to your blog and boost the readership overall. But perhaps the number way to accomplish this goal is simply to write more. Post entries more often and your readers will have a reason to come back to hear what you have to say. Studies back up this plan of action, and even Google approves. In fact, they give higher priority to websites containing new, fresh content. So, with that in mind, plan on at least two posts each and every week. Then, promote those posts on various social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Should I Use Specific Keywords in My Blog?

First, let it be said your blog should sound natural, not forced. But whenever possible, use keywords the general public reading your site would use. Don’t get all techie on the readers, instead, use phrases and words they would use. For example, while a roofer might use terms like eaves or fascia, the average Joe or Jane may just call it the overhang or the trim board behind the gutters. So, know your audience and how they talk. You don’t have to use the fancy terms to be seen as an expert.

Tell Me About The Importance of Inbound Links

Links…Links…More Links!

Statistics overwhelmingly show the importance of having inbound links to your site or blog. Inbound links are hyperlinks that direct readers back to your site by clicking on a keyword or phrase. The numbers show that firms who blog will receive 97% more links to the website versus those who don’t blog. Therefore, these links become a website’s lifeline. The thing is, you don’t want just any backlinks, but high-quality ones that lend credence to your site, and ultimately rank you higher in the search engine rankings. Ultimately, the more you blog, establishing yourself as an expert in the field, the more likely those inbound links will come your way.

How Does Blogging Go With Social Media?

While most people think of social media as the ultimate go-to for interacting with their customer, blogging is equally important. It’s a great spot to start up conversation pieces about topics of your choice. You then follow up with a post on your social media platform of choice directing readers to it. One great tip is to open up a comments section of the blog and follow up on any customer comments made. Further, you can encourage your customers or readers to share your blog link online with their friends when something catches their eye. While once considered two entirely different types of content, blogging and social media go hand in hand. A popular post idea is to provide a snippet of your blog entry on the social media platform, and then have the customer click through to actually read the meat of it on your blog.

Is Blogging Advertising?

In a nutshell, yes, but in some ways, much better. Readers today have grown weary of many of the traditional ways of advertising. In fact, most readers state how much they dislike banner advertising and are not likely to click on them for more information. However, a blog entry is entirely voluntary, and your potential customers come to it in order to find more information about how your firm works, what to expect, and even the company culture. While business blogs of days gone by were more of a marketing mouthpiece, today, they’re candid expressions of business concerns, goals and aspirations.

So, if all the above makes sense to you, but you’re not a writer, you’ve come to the write place (pun intended). At, we’re able to speak to your audience on your behalf, telling them something new and interesting with every post. Let our writers let your readers know just how awesome your business is with consistent, timely blog posts.

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