Before Your Webpage Content is Posted – Make Sure It Can Pass this Test

Everyone has seen it – the internet is awash in it: Useless content (usually regurgitated from some other source) that adds nothing to the ongoing discussion in any area/niche. But it is easy to criticize – it is another thing altogether to make sure that our own websites are not contributing to the problem.

Which leads us to ask: How does your website content stack up? How would the average web surfer rate the quality of what is in your site pages? Before site visitors see your site content, use this article to do an in-house evaluation. Here are some important questions that you need to answer before you post content on the web —

Does This Webpage Content Provide Information Not Easily Found Elsewhere?

The key concept here is “not easily found elsewhere.” Asking this question might immediately disqualify upwards of 90-95% of your website pages. This is the acid test – are you truly providing content that is unique?

And it’s tough to write truly unique content. But keep in mind that you need to have unique sources of information if you want to be able to present unique content. Where will you get this information?

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Perhaps you have been conducting some studies – could some of the results be presented in written form? Do you have database information – customer demographics or sales data? This is something that is totally unique to you, to your business. Perhaps you have some results of customer satisfaction surveys you could share. You might have some real-life experts on your staff of employees who could share a unique perspective or analysis.

Does Your Webpage Content Present A Familiar Topic in a New or Different Way?

Yes, coming up with totally unique content, based on information that no one else has access to is the holy grail of content. But what if you don’t have that available?

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It still might be possible to present content that your site visitors will value highly if you can find a way to discuss it from a new angle or perspective.

For example, if your content is discussing a “solution” to a common problem in your industry, you could talk about solutions that take less time or are cheaper to implement than other, commonly recommended solutions. Or you could take a complex topic and discuss it from the non-expert point-of-view, or you could take a topic that is usually discussed in a very general way, and explore it in much more detail.

Does This Webpage Content Engage Readers Emotions?

In the world of business especially, the common assumption seems to be that in order to be professional in tone and style, you should speak factually and avoid emotionally-laden language.

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Nothing could be more wrong! If your content can hit the “pain points” that your customers are feeling – or engage them emotionally, it will resonate much more deeply than “objective” writing and they will find that content more valuable.

So feel free to make people feel good by telling that amusing or engaging story. Use real-to-life illustrations or anecdotes. Paint a word picture – use soul-stirring images – talk about people in crisis. Think outside of the box about engaging your readers as people, not just as readers.

Will Your Webpage Content Actually Solve the Problem or Prevent One?

You would be surprised at the amount of website content that promises a solution but is never really clear about what that solution is. If you have got the solution, say so. Don’t beat around the bush!

Even better – discuss ways to prevent the problem from developing in the first place. This makes for a great ending to any webpage that provides problem solutions, moving on to discuss how to keep it from happening in the first place.

Is the Overall Concept or Idea Behind Your Webpage Content Simple and Easy to Understand?

Above all, keep in mind that many people surfing the web for information don’t have much time. They are busy people and need a clear solution to a problem or helpful tips or strategies that can be picked up and easily understood, and easily implemented.

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If your webpage content is going to require a huge time investment to wade through, or if it is written like a college textbook, full of dense prose, you are going to lose a lot of readers who just won’t stick around to finish reading it all (let alone act on your recommendations).

And people who don’t finish reading what you have written are not going to be influenced by what you have written – so (as much as possible) keep it simple, with all the cookies placed on the lowest shelf where all the kiddies can get them.

Webpage Content: More Than Meets the Eye

Good webpage content is like the “Transformers” toys jingle – there’s “more than meets the eye.” The best webpage content incorporates many of the above recommendations, and it is so well-written you might not even notice it’s depth – it can be deceptively simple. But this type of content just works – it “clicks” with those who take the time to read it.

Yes, it takes real skill to craft content like this. Usually, it is the final product of a number of rounds of revisions. If you realize that, you may, frankly, be a little unsure of yourself at this point. “Can I really write like that?” If you have doubts, never fear. At, we prepare content like this every day. We have over 15,000 customer accounts and our writers produce amazing content, at scale. Let us help you craft your website content today.

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