Blog: How You Can Improve The Outcome of Your Articles (Part 2)


In her second installment, Gina S., Operations Manager at, gives us some additional tips for customers when working with our content producers. Read — and enjoy!

In our continuing look at how you, the client, can improve the quality of articles, we have several more suggestions to help you out.

EXAMPLE Articles

Send us the URL of an article similar in topic or tone to give our writers an idea of what you’re looking for. This is tremendously helpful for the writer who may not have heard of your topic or who needs to write from a different point of view than they might normally.

GRAMMATICALLY Correct Keywords

While the tools you’re using may say “plumber San Diego” is a hot keyword phrase with thousands of searches, when you order your articles, add a verb to the phrase.  Remember, Google and the other search engines are looking for quality articles and grammatical errors don’t convey quality.  The same holds true for capitalization: capitalize the city names and states. The writer cannot change the keyword for you to correct it.  If you’re misspelling the keyword on purpose, let the writer know this in the instructions. Our ordering system requires the writer to use keywords exactly as given, no exceptions.

ORDER The Correct Size/Type of Article

The bottom line is, if you want a concise, basic article, the regular article will probably work for you. However, if you’re looking for something more in-depth, the answer is not to necessarily order a larger article, but to think, instead, of purchasing an Elite article. These run from 350 words and upwards, and provide a more detailed article requiring more research. The other advantage with Elite articles is the fact you can submit the article back for revisions and discuss with the writer what you’d like changed. This is a big advantage when you need to order technical or very specific types of articles.

REJECT The Article If It’s Totally Off-Base

All articles can be rejected back to the writer if it falls short of your expectations. But, before you do, look at the instructions you provided and think: did the writer fulfill your instructions? Maybe the instructions need to be written more clearly, more concisely or with more detail.

EFFECTIVE Instructions

INSTRUCTIONS are important, but the last thing you want to do is scare off a writer with too many instructions. When the instructions are longer than the article, you’re bound to be disappointed with the results and the time it takes for the final product to be delivered to you. Our writers are very talented; give them enough detail to communicate exactly what you need, but don’t over do it!

WRITER Point-Of-View

WHAT POSITION do you want the writer to take? If you want a certain angle, be it pro-abortion or anti-gun control, whatever the position, state this in the directions.

By knowing what you want ahead of time, you’ll be able to convey it to your writer and receive the article you imagined all along.

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