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Here’s another look at one of our writers, another long-timer: Jen S. She has some very interesting things to say, not only about herself, but also her work for us. We hope you enjoy this peek behind the scenes…

Jen, tell us a bit about yourself. Where were you born and where in the US do you currently live?

I was born in Texas and moved east at a young age. We landed in Virginia when I was five and I have yet to leave. Today, I reside in Fredericksburg, VA, 30 minutes south of my childhood home.

How long have you been writing for us — and how did you find out about us in the first place?

I’ve been writing for since 2009. Gina and I worked together for another company and she shared this company information with me upon learning about it. We started working with the company within a day of each other and we are still here today.


What types of articles and other content do you like writing about — do you have any favorite topics or subjects?

I love writing about getting out of debt, any topic related to psychology and legal articles, but I have written about every topic under the sun. I love taking a variety of work, as I always learn something new.

Describe just a bit your writing process. How do you prepare for writing and actually execute on a customer order, step-by-step. What’s the process you follow?

I begin by researching the keyword, reading over the websites I find and getting an idea of where I want to go with the article. I also look up the client’s website so I can get a feel for what they are looking for.

The next step is to write an introduction, as this helps to keep me focused. With some topics. I start writing and find I have gone over the article’s word count significantly! Doing the intro ensures I focus on specific aspects of the topic. I then fill in the content and tie it all together at the end.

How would you say being able to work as one of our writers has helped you to gain experience and deepen your skills as a writer?

I’ve been challenged to take on new types of projects and new topics I would normally never write about. This has expanded my horizons.

Nothing is more surprising than writing about a topic that is in opposition to everything I believe only to have the client compliment my work and ask me to take on future projects. Certain topics make me reevaluate what I believe and take another look and I think that helps me to avoid bias in my writing.

What’s your favorite way of overcoming writer’s block?

I will enter the keyword in the search engine and see what it suggests as related topics. If I find a site with helpful information that can be used for a future article, I also bookmark it and go back to it when I get stuck on a topic. I know have a number of these sites saved to refer to later on.

As you know Jen, home can be filled with distractions. How do you minimize those and achieve an efficient and effective operation for work?


My work is often done when the kids are occupied with other tasks or after they have gone to bed. I’ve also learned how to work in a noisy environment and shut distractions out. I guess that comes from having six siblings and having to learn that skill at an early age to get my homework done!

Do you do any other work as a freelancer — do you have your own website or personal blog where you share your writing and connect with the public?

I do not at this time. Blog: Content Marketing – (Pt. 3) – Seeing What You Already Have: Doing a Content Audit The RIGHT Way

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