10,000 Miles Deep — Or 10,000 Miles Wide? Website Content & Success

Improvement is the Goal
Improvement is the Goal

Why do some web businesses fail while others succeed? Obviously, there are many factors, but there is one we want to focus on today…

Imagine, if you will, for a moment, that you are over on Amazon.com, needing to purchase a book on a business or personal (self-help) topic. Let’s further suppose that you have narrowed your choice down to two books —

The first book choice is a very good summary of many of the subtopics on that subject — lots of subjects covered, although briefly.

The second choice is much more restricted in its focus, but within that narrower focus, the discussion is much more in-depth.

Which book would you choose? Many would choose the book that covers a wide range of topics in a basic way, thinking this would give them better overall knowledge of the entire subject area.

But in reality, you would probably be making the wrong choice. The book with a wider focus (but providing less detail) is only covering the subject in a general way, a surface-level treatment. You might read through it once, gain a little value from it, and then sit it on your bookshelf and never pick it up again.

The more in-depth book, although not covering all possible topics, does a much better job of providing you with deep knowledge. This is a book that you might return to, again and again. Truly the better value, over the long-term.

You should think about web content the same way.

What type of content is on your site currently?

As you look at the content on your site, is it broad but shallow in its treatment of topics? Or are you providing your site visitors with truly in-depth content?

You see, people visit websites because they need information – and if your website content is only providing surface-level coverage of subjects, site visitors will not find it that helpful. They will hit your site, skim it, and then leave. Sites with better (more depth) content will find that their site visitors stay longer. And longer site visits mean that your visitors are interacting more with your site, and will be more likely to do business on your site, than visitors that bounce away quickly.

The issue is this — who has time to take a topic and fully explore it? If you have a business website, you have a business to operate, marketing plans to implement, clients to get in front of, telephone calls to make. You’d like to make your site content “10,000 miles deep” but who has the time?

Website Content: We’d Like to Help…

This is where a company who provides content comes in handy — you go there, place your order to your specifications, a few days later you have 100% unique wording and a full explanation of the subject. You take that content and put it on your site. Rinse and repeat for other pages on your site.

In a few short weeks (or months, depending on your budget) your site will be transformed: Now loaded with tons of in-depth writing, it will be a website that people will truly value.

And that additional content will help with your SEO ranking efforts — because long-form content (which is what we are talking about here) will help you rank for TONS more web searches.

So, take an honest look at your website content today — Are your website pages filled with content that is 10,000 miles wide — or 10,000 miles deep?

Did you know that Articlez.com:
— Currently services over 20,000 customers, world-wide?
— Has written 642,602 separate pieces of content, to-date?
— Has a totally U.S. based workforce of professional content producers, the largest such business in the entire world?
— Is the behind-the-scenes engine of other businesses who supply content to their clients (i.e., a white-label supplier)?
— There is literally NO type of content that we can’t — and haven’t — produced. Whatever your content needs are, in whatever volume you need, we can handle it. TODAY.

How did we get to where we are today?
Constantly evolving – not afraid to try new things.
Making our only goal 1,000% customer satisfaction.
Using our failures as a learning tool to become stronger.
Finding excellent staff and support people

So you see, we’ve been there and faced the same business challenges you do, every day.

We would be honored to help you achieve “success” with your next content project.

Login and get your orders started today: http://www.articlez.com


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