Why our Reseller API may be the perfect solution for your business:

The API is perfect for high volume businesses. If your product or service utilizes quality content in your product in any way, offers the perfect solution. Our Reseller API allows you to white label our services, and sell them as your own to your customers. You set your own pricing. We do all the work for you.

It is a very popular choice for SEO firms and media companies who simply want an easy way to have their content written quickly and efficiently by a team of 100% American writers without having to log into the interface to do so. We complete the content and send it directly back to your businesses web site.

Our API allows you to integrate our services directly into your back end for in house use, or you can integrate it into your front end as your own service

The reseller API is very popular amongst Internet Marketing professionals, many of whom release products where quality content is a must

Our Reseller API allows you to offer content of extremely high quality, by offering our services as an upsell or part of your main product


Q: What does it cost to use our API?

A: It is totally free to use our API. You pay only for the credits you order

Q: Will I need my own team of developers?

A: That depends. If you simply want to use our Reseller API in house in your backend, in an area where the public never visits, our API is very easy to configure

If on the other hand you need to integrate our API as a main product line you sell to the public, you will need at least one individual with technical knowledge of how API's work. Of course our team will work with you to ensure everything is running properly


Remember, now, more than ever, quality content matters. has over 200 American writers on staff. We have been in business since 2008. The approval rate on our content is 99%. That means the content our writers create for you, is accepted by our customers the first time, 99% of the time.

With most writing companies, even those who claim to staff only "English language" writers, their approval rate the first time around is rarely above 60%

If you feel you could benefit from our Reseller API, please submit a ticket either through the ticket system (if you are already an customer) or by clicking the contact us link above. One of our reps will reply to you promptly.