FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New Website Launch Provides Product Reviewers with a Unique Platform

Victoria, British Columbia -- In an effort to push the product reviews niche to a truly professional level, the website has recently been launched. In just a few short weeks this site has already gained significant traction, featuring several hundred new, professionally-written reviews of today's hottest products and services in areas as diverse as health and beauty, educational, business and marketing, gadgets and technology, and many other areas.

Striving to Be True Innovators

According to Mr. Chris Rempel, co-owner of the site, was designed to meet the needs of those specifically interested in providing product reviews. Quoting Mr. Rempel, "One of the big problems in the past was that if someone wanted to set up a website just to handle product review information, it required a lot of specialty coding and tweaking in order to get the information to display in a way that was useful and attractive to people reading the review. This was because the platforms used were really not designed for this type of content -- but is."

Another issue, according to Rempel, was that traditional authority/crowd-sourcing websites did not really view product reviews as important. "Sometimes those doing affiliate marketing by way of product reviews were tolerated, but really not fully accepted," says Rempel. "They were allowed in, but were severely restricted, and the site was not really designed for that type of content. is different, because on our site affiliate marketing/product reviews are not just "tolerated" but are actually the inner core of what makes the site work, and what gives the site its value."

Real Reviews, Useful Information, Consumer Education

Obviously, for a site like to be useful, it must become an "authority site" that web surfers turn to when they need honest, factual and detailed reviews of products or services. "Our number-one priority," said Rempel, "is to make sure that we police site content at all times. We will absolutely not tolerate persons putting in low quality content -- so we hand moderate all content that is submitted. Before we approve a review, we have read it over and checked it to make sure that everything that is said in that review is factually accurate."

To that end, calculates a unique "KritScore," for each review submitted. A proprietary algorithm is used to "grade" content submission based on 30 different factors. Again, quoting Rempel, "We know that there are lots of scammers and spammers out there who know how to game the system in use on most other sites. We will be tracking data on how readers, who view the content, react to it. As the reviewer cannot manipulate that data, it will provide a true estimate of the value of that review, in the eyes of the persons whose opinions matter most -- the readers of it."

Parties interested in getting further information can visit, or they can use the contact information listed below.

Chris Rempel
Ukritic Ventures, Inc.
Victoria, BC
Phone: 1-250-590-2605