Mortgage Lenders USA Announces Guaranteed Mortgage Quotes in 24 Hours or Less

(McCordsville, Indiana) -- Mortgage Lenders USA announced today that they are extending an iron-clad guarantee to return competitive mortgage quotes to any interested party within 24 hours or less (1 business day) from the time of the initial inquiry.

Christine Nevogt, owner of the site, was quoted as saying, "These are very tough economic times that we are living through here in the US, and prospective home buyers don't have the time to wait and wade through all sorts of useless and time-consuming red tape. We are streamlining our inquiry process as much as possible so that folks can get to us, give us the essential information we need quickly and easily, so that we can locate potential lenders as fast as possible."

To that end they have developed a "30-second form" that site visitors fill out, which has enough detail to enable researchers to begin to sniff out the best loan options and lenders for them.

"What we do is to forward your information to an industry professional who acts as a broker," Nevogt said. "All information supplied to us is kept in the strictest of confidence. Our site is very secure, and because you will be working with a broker we charge nothing on our end for using this service."

"We believe that the best course of action is to rely on trained and licensed professionals. They know the industry inside-out, even the small, specialty lenders. Even if you have poor credit they can help you, as we have poor credit specialists available. And because these people have access to lending information across a wide variety of companies, they are almost certain to come up with the lowest lending rate possible -- something that the consumer would find it very difficult to discover for themselves."

The Mortgage Lenders USA website also features an impressive list of helpful resource articles as well. Topics covered include the basics, such as "What is a Mortgage?" "How Much Can I Afford?" and "Credit Scores". There are more in-depth treatments on credit scores, "points" on a mortgage loan, reverse mortgages, calculating your mortgage payments, and tips for fast payoffs of mortgage balances. There is no cost or obligation for accessing this information, and no requirement to provide any personal information in order to read it. According to Nevogt, "We have those helpful articles there for a single reason -- to help people to become educated consumers. That's why we make it freely available to anyone who wants it, anytime they want to access it, they can find it there."

Although their website has just been launched, Mortgage Lenders USA is currently based in Indianapolis, Indiana, and was founded in 2004 to help people locate mortgage lenders in Indiana. "We pride ourselves in being fast and friendly, as well as professional and reliable. We have gained considerable expertise in helping people find the best mortgage lenders in Indianapolis. Even if they think that they probably won't qualify, we encourage folks to stop by our site and apply anyway. It certainly couldn't hurt and in most cases you will be pleasantly surprised with the results of our work."


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