Fat Burning Furnace Website Goes To-to-Toe With the Diet Industry

(Wixom, Michigan) -- According to a video posted on the Fat Burning Furnace Website (, one of the chief culprits making true weight loss and fitness goals difficult to reach is the diet food, "exercise gadgets" and "diet products" industry.

According to its founder, Rob Paulos, the diet industry has a vested interest in not helping people find lasting solutions to their fitness and weight-loss challenges.

"The reason for this is simple." according to Paulos. "There is an entire industry that has grown up around weight-loss, fitness and 'healthy' eating. These companies do not want you to find a lasting solution because if you did, you would no longer be interested in buying the 'next big thing' that they are offering. Most folks would be surprised to know that these companies are actually more interested in keeping you coming back to purchase the latest diet supplements, the latest crazy piece of exercise equipment, or the latest book of meal plans, or packaged foods, diaries, journals, computer software -- the list just goes on and on."

In their video, Rob and his wife both testify to the fact that they spent thousands of dollars on such products, went to meetings, starved themselves -- until their own personal research uncovered some simple weight loss tips that allowed them to lose weight and keep it off.

"Our strategy is not difficult to understand at all." said Paulos. "Anyone can implement it. And you don't need to embrace some sort of complicated process or spend enormous amounts of money. It's really the information that the 'weight-loss gurus' don't want you to find out about, because if you did you would become truly free of them and would find lasting success."

At this point, Rob is very concerned that the explanatory video that he has posted on his Fat Burning Furnace website may soon be banned and blacklisted by Internet search engines. "I'm just not sure how much longer our site and video will be listed in search engines. For example, we offer information on 4 foods never to eat. That's not hard to understand -- stay away from eating those foods -- but the diet industry wants to make it complicated, reinforcing the idea that you can't do this, at least not without their 'help'. And of course they do enormous amounts of advertising on the Internet, and a lot of those ad dollars benefit search engines directly. So it's not hard to see where they might think of us as a threat to their empires."

In addition to the video, Mr. Paulos also maintains a blog site where interested visitors can find additional weight loss tips, tricks and techniques. "It's sort of a compliment to our video presentation." said Paulos. "We try to update the content on the blog site on a regular basis to give our fans additional tips and encouragement that is not on the video. We are encouraging everyone to visit our sites, while they still can find us."

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