Newly Redesigned eCigarette Site One of the First to Offer Real Customer-Based Product Reviews

(Missoula, Montana) - The Electronic Cigarette Guy website recently announced a total site redesign, that now features reviews of current electronic cigarette products from actual users of these products.

Product information has been made available by "Rob," who was a longtime smoker himself. Now 34 years old and a father of four children, he attributes his interest in e-cigarettes to an accidental discovery of them in 2009, which he now uses on a daily basis.

"Over the past three years I have put in a lot of time researching these devices -- I've spent a lot of my own money on them," said Rob. "I guess by now I must own over 20 different models, some of them very early models that pale in comparison to what is available to the consumer today."

According to Rob, "I wanted to make this site an important resource for persons who were once just like me -- bewildered and confused by all the different makes and models. The real difficulty here stems from the fact that every single manufacturer of e-cigarette devices claims to be the best. And of course, manufacturer websites will go to great lengths to convince you that their device is the best ever invented."

Adding to the confusion, he says, is the fact that many "review" websites in this area simply display reviews that are, in fact, fictional, made up by the operators of the website.

"Having fake reviews is certainly no help to the average person who is looking for objective feedback on the merits or shortcomings of e-cigarette devices and accessories. We have set a goal to offer the very best electronic cigarette reviews of any site on the Web today. We are accomplishing this by soliciting product feedback from actual users of these devices. In fact, any e-cigarette device user is welcome to leave their comments and feedback on any of the products discussed on our site."

The Electronic Cigarette Guy site reviews include a summary chart for each brand/manufacturer, which shows some at-a-glance information on each product such as kit prices, cartridge flavors, the nicotine levels available, average shipping (delivery) times, and overall user rating.

If coupon codes are available, the site also includes a handy one-click button to navigate directly to the official manufacturer site when the consumer is ready to make a purchase.

Commenting further, Rob noted that "We have tried to provide very detailed kinds of information, so that if, for example, someone wanted to look up the safe cig review they could find this information quickly and easily. You can locate specific products if that interests you. We tried not to leave anything out. If you want to know exactly what is included with each type of e-cigarette kit, like the Njoy electronic cigarette, we have that listed for you. If you are interested in purchasing bulk packs of cartridges, or want to know what battery or charger options are available, you can find it there as well."

User ratings are specified in five different areas: overall value, flavor, speed of shipment, customer service helpfulness and an overall rating. The site also boasts a detailed FAQ section, which gives helpful information explaining what e-cigarette devices are, how they work, questions about safety, their correct operation, cleaning and maintenance.


Rob "The E-Cig Guy"