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Troy White

Troy White is a top marketing coach, consultant & direct response copywriter based in Calgary, Canada. He has a powerful approach to growing small businesses and entrepreneurial run ventures on a budget. His free Cash Flow Surges blog shares tons of great strategies at his main blog.

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  • Marketing Stickiness
    [Business : Marketing] Important rules you need to stick to if you want to succeed in your marketing:1) The purpose of your marketing is NOT to showcase your brand, your logo, (it does not need to be for them to buy something, as it can be for them to take some kind of action like visiting a web page to get something for free)
  • No Email, Internet or Cell Phone Access… It Was Heaven
    [Business : Marketing] We just returned from an incredible 2 week trip to Mabel Lake in British Columbia. Nestled away deep on the north side of the lake is a hidden gem we luckily heard about through our neighbor.
  • Are You A Political Poser To Your Prospects And Clients?
    [Business : Time Management and Productivity] Election season… ahhhhh… smell the pungent odor of BS throughout the air. Makes you want to puke doesn’t it?
  • The Difference Between B2B and B2C
    [Business : Marketing] After nearly 10 years of helping entrepreneurs improve their marketing, I still get a kick out of people that claim “my business is different”. Usually they claim their buyers are different than any other buyers.
  • Taking Responsibility
    [Business : Time Management and Productivity] I couldn’t resist re-posting this fantastic article by a good friend and fellow marketer. OH LORDY… LET’S TEXT MESSAGE OUR WAY OUT OF… PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY!
  • Earn Your Entrepreneurial Black Belt
    [Business : Time Management and Productivity] An admission: I love getting my my bottom kicked.Since I was a teen, I have been active in one form of martial arts or another. Starting off with Tae Kwon Do, moving to Karate, then to Kickboxing and Muay Thai, finally ending up back in Tae Kwon Do… where I still train regularly. (First Dan Black Belt).
  • Success Secrets From Italian Sausage
    [Business : Marketing] A while back, I met up with a fellow marketer for a brainstorming session at a place called Spolumbos. They are famous on a local scale for the quality of their spicy (and non-spicy) sausages and meats.
  • Why I Love And Hate My Canada Post Mailman
    [Business : Marketing] First, a warning: I am not a fan of unions. This may offend you if you are in a union. When I was 18 yrs old I worked for my first and only union, Alberta Transportation. I was getting paid good coin for standing there holding a elevation stick one day, a sign the next, weighing gravel trucks the next. The worst job of them all? Counting fence posts.
  • Sales Without The Slime Trail
    [Business : Marketing] As a sponsor of an event a few months ago, I went in expecting the content to be delivered on (I wrote the copy based on what they told me would be delivered). While it was a decent event, I felt the content was lacking in delivery of “selling without feeling slimy”.
  • Why I Love And Hate My Post Mailman
    [Business : Marketing] First, a warning: I am not a fan of unions. This may offend you if you are in a union. When I was 18 yrs old I worked for my first and only union, Alberta Transportation. I was getting paid good coin for standing there holding a elevation stick one day, a sign the next, weighing gravel trucks the next.
  • Spring is Here and Marketing Opportunities Abound
    [Business : Marketing] Spring is here and opportunities abound. Gotta love this time of year. Everyone is happier it starts getting beautiful outside (somewhere I am sure, just not here today and the holiday seasons are starting to show themselves. Spring holidays. Summer holidays.
  • My Top Time Vampires
    [Business : Time Management and Productivity] We live in an exciting time. From the technology tools at our disposal, to the incredible ability to be connected to anyone, anywhere. Change is rampant. But with the type of change we have, brings with it many challenges that can ruin your work day.
  • Tough Questions To Ask When Sales Are Slow
    [Business : Time Management and Productivity] Here is what I would do if I was to get into a new business right now, or were suffering from sluggish sales. First thing: I would lock myself away at the library, in a hotel room, or in some form of private location where there are zero distractions and I could dedicate 2 hours minimum (4 hours even better) to this process.
  • Squeezing Some Spring Cheer Out of Calgary’s Wacky Weather
    [Business : Time Management and Productivity] How to go from 94 degrees in the sun, to 30 degrees and a foot of snow… in 24 hours or less. I love it when the teacher becomes the student.
  • The Mustache-Hair-Picker Theory of Marketing With Stories
    [Business : Marketing] With all the constant bombardment by tweets, facebook updates, emails, advertisements, commercials and infomercials, people are tired. But are they tired of advertising, or boring advertising?
  • Cold Calling Mania And My Invaluable College Pro Experience
    [Business : Marketing] Wayyyy back in High School I started painting houses for some side income. It was easy work – and the guy I was painting for paid me quite well, for the time.
  • How Duct Tape Saved My Sanity As A Parent (And Marketer)
    [Business : Marketing] One of the main reasons I left a great paying sales job in the corporate world 9 years ago was my daughters. I wanted to be there as they grew up… and I didn’t want to be sitting in rush hour when they were learning to talk.
  • Wine Barrel Wealth and Hidden Opportunities for the Astute
    [Business : Time Management and Productivity] I realize that times are still tough for many people out there. The last few years were definitely felt here as well. I won’t be one of those posers who pretend all is perfect in la-la land.
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
    [Business : Marketing] What a fantastic title that is. Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them, is a little known book by JK Rowling. Get it or at least take the lessons I learned to heart and use them in your business.
  • Okay, Let’s Talk About What Makes You Weird
    [Business : Time Management and Productivity] Let’s talk about your Eccentricities. Quirks. Bizarre behaviours. Unusual beginnings and family ties. The first step is admitting we all have them. The second step is to get them out there!
  • Crack Your Back All The Way To The Email Marketing Bank
    [Business : Marketing] I have a buddy, who I’ve known for 40 of my 43 years on earth. We grew up together, obviously, and have remained very good friends all this time.
  • Turning Your Leads Into Sales
    [Business : Marketing] Do you want a fresh supply of leads coming into your business. And you would like to over come one of the most difficult things you can do. Though it is not so simple to convert a lead into sales. But here is a two step formula you can use to see amazing results.
  • Step One In Lead Generation And Follow Up
    [Business : Time Management and Productivity] We ALL need a fresh supply of leads coming into our business. Yet, it can be one of the most difficult things you can do.
  • Optimist, Pessimist or Opportunist?
    [Business : Time Management and Productivity] Depending on where you live, you may be really excited about what 2012 has to offer… or you may be scared to death of the potential disasters that are lurking around the corner. It has been a challenging 3 years out there.
  • Are You Drifting?
    [Business : Time Management and Productivity] I am listening to a fantastic audio book right now while out walking the dog. “Outwitting The Devil” was written by Napoleon Hill over 70 years ago, and is just now getting to publication and circulation.
  • Content is King in a Pitch-fest World
    [Business : Marketing] Who else is sick and tired of pitch after pitch? Ezines. Blogs. Twitter feeds. Websites. And on, and on, and on. The actual product launches are great examples of marketing, but the sheer volume of them in the internet marketing space is deafening.
  • Simple Strategy for Starting a Business Right
    [Business : Marketing] Someone asked me for a quick and dirty description of how I would ‘re-start’ my business if I was to do it over again. After thinking it through – this, by far, is the simplest way to get a business started, get connected, and get an information product out the door in no time flat!
  • A New Year and a New Marketing Plan for 2012
    [Business : Marketing] A New Year! Now get to work. Seriously, we are all done our rest and relaxation – and now its time to get busy planning for the year.
  • Big Profits From Practical Jokes and Weird Passions
    [Business : Marketing] Back in my University days, I put myself through school, and nurtured my entrepreneurial spirit, by owning a College Pro Painting Franchise. I had started my own painting company in high school, and it was only natural to take this bigger and better with the College Pro name behind me.
  • Time To Create a Cult?
    [Business : Marketing] Way back when Apple was still a baby fruit, I got firsthand experience working on the Apple II. It was a breakthrough at the time – with a 9” monochrome screen and the dual floppy disc drives.
  • Marketing Lessons from the WAWA
    [Business : Marketing] I recently saw a CNBC special on the chain of convenience stores called WAWA. They are experiencing phenomenal success in an industry that, typically, does not have a big brand loyal following.
  • Marketing to the Affluent
    [Business : Marketing] According to Pamela Danzinger (Affluent research expert): “A new survey among 1,237 affluents shoppers about their online shopping habits found that gift ideas and gift shopping is the second most popular reason they turn to the internet.”
  • I’m Pretty Sure My Mailman Is In Witness Protection
    [Business : Marketing] I always wondered what type of job that would be. You’d get lots of exercise and sun. But also lots of cold, rain and snow in many cities.
  • Are You Saying NO Enough?
    [Business : Marketing] Gulp – two months down. 2/12th the year are near gone… are you 2/12th the way to reaching all your goals?
  • Freaky Facebook Results and a GREAT Opportunity
    [Business : Marketing] It’s already through February and it is looking to be a great year ahead! One thing I have been spending quite a bit of time with my clients is in their Facebook marketing.
  • My Tae Kwon Do Black Belt and the Zen of Success
    [Business : Marketing] Fellow Business-Builder, My name is Troy, and I’m a junkie… a martial arts junkie. In the past 11 years of my life, I have been involved in one form of martial arts or another.
  • Quintessentially Canadian
    [Business : Management] Dingo-ball Ice Crystals Hanging from my Toque. If that means something to you, sorry. You obviously live, or have lived somewhere like me where it gets cold… real cold.
  • Stephen Duckett and Cookiegate 2010
    [Business : Marketing] Cookiegate 2010 …and the rapid demise of a CEO. One of my best friends works with the Calgary Health Authority. At the top of the chain was their CEO, Stephen Duckett. They are both numbers geeks. They LOVE crunching numbers, looking at statistics – and analyzing hidden trends that the numbers reveal.
  • 16 Steps to a Lead Generation Magnet (and One Short Cut)
    [Business : Marketing] Yet again, a simple four-hour project has returned major rewards in just a few weeks. This simple strategy works in every possible industry and country imaginable. It will boost your credibility.
  • Cat Poop Coffee and Holy Crap Cereal… Wacky Marketing That Works
    [Business : Marketing] Sometimes you just have to look to the most unusual of places for interesting marketing ideas to help build your business. A couple quick examples show why stories are so important to build into your marketing:
  • Feeling Stuck or Confused In Your Business?
    [Business : Time Management and Productivity] Most times the answer is right in front of you. You ever felt lost, dazed and confused? Can’t see the answer to that nagging business problem?
  • They’ll Fight Over it When You’re Dead
    [Business : Marketing] Fellow business builder, don’t you just LOVE finding a great story telling example? Saddleback Leather is one of my newest finds.
  • A New Entrepreneur Who Gets Marketing
    [Business : Marketing] I had an email today from a realtor. Normally I would ignore it… realtors are among the most pig headed to deal with. I’ve tried… but they know it all and aren’t willing to try something different.
  • From College Student to Millionaire in Under 3 Years
    [Business : Sales] One of the biggest problems entrepreneurs have is fear. Fear of doing something they are not ‘comfortable’ with. Fear of trying something new. Fear of looking less-than-professional.
  • Time Tested Tips for Mastering Your Writing
    [Business : Marketing] Finding your voice is something that takes time. It isn’t natural to most people (myself included, I eeked out a sub-par passing grade in English both in High School and University – had to take the Writing class twice to get my grades up)
  • Lead Generation and Conversion (for the Little Guys)
    [Business : Marketing] We ALL need leads… fresh, hot, ready-to-buy leads. They are the foundation that keeps you in business. But not all leads are created equal, nor are all leads to be treated the same.
  • An Ode To Entrepreneurs
    [Business : Marketing] Fellow Business-Builder, this week’s article is designed to inspire and help entrepreneurs who feel a little lost right now. I hear from them daily.
  • Kinjo Sushi and Chocolate Goodies… Secrets of Success in a Recession
    [Business : Marketing] Fellow Business-Builder, we went out for Sushi the other night at my favorite place, Kinjo Sushi & Grill. We had to wait for 15 minutes (on a Tuesday night), but it was worth it … I LOVE this place.
  • Is It Getting More Difficult To Get Sales?
    [Business : Marketing] One thing about today’s economy… you had better be tough to make it out better off than you went in. The media makes sure you hear all the disturbing trends.
  • 7 Critical Email Marketing Rules
    [Business : Time Management and Productivity] Here’s how you can increase your sales numbers and attract a better quality client Email marketing has transformed the way we can grow businesses. From the costly (yet still highly effective) direct mail world with the postage and printing costs… to the new age of instant delivery and little out-of-pocket costs for a mailing.
  • One-Eyed-Marketing-Makeover
    [Business : Marketing] Just got back from a weekend away with the kids. We went away to Sundre, Alberta… specifically to Tall Timber Leisure Park.
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