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  • Never Get Scammed in Runescape
    [Games : General] Runescape is a famous 3D massively multiplayer online game which released by Jagex game studio. In this wonderful game, you can slay the monsters, gain rewards and accomplish difficult and easy missions. For its interesting and very closing to life, it has attracted more than 200 million players. Every day, there are nearly 80 thousand active Runescape players at a time.
  • Runescape and World of Warcraft
    [Games : Video Games Reviews] It has been the winter and 2013 now. In this winter, the Jagex launched the winter weekends for the players. I am also one of the players who like the updates.
  • Runescape Cheaters Banned and Bots
    [Games : Computer Games] The 2013 has dawned. In 2012, many people said the 21 Dec 2012 is the end of the world. With the coming of 2013, the rumors were proved false and we can believe the world will be better.
  • The Fast Way to Raise Runescape Herblore Level
    [Games : Video Games Reviews] Runescape has many skills and you can train this skills by complete the quests. Herblore is one of runescape skills and it is a members-only skill. By using this skill, the players can make their potions. This skill is also basically the skill which makes potions to help on journeys.
  • Why You Hate Runescape?
    [Games : Computer Games] It is said the Runescape had owned more than 200 million users since 2001. Despite the success, many players said they were get bored of it and didn’t want to join it any more. How? Why so many players hate Runescape? I viewed some posts on the Internet and there are several reasons. These reasons can be listed as follows.
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