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  • Must Know About Knee Scooters
    [Health and Fitness : Exercise and Fitness] The knee scooter is a boon for orthopaedic world, but it does have its limitations. For instance, those having leg injury above the knee cannot use the Knee Scooters. Also, it cannot be manoeuvred on staircases, and is considerably bulky and problematic to load into a vehicle as compared to crutches.
  • A Look At Various Types Of Crutches
    [Health and Fitness : Exercise and Fitness] People who are affected by knee injuries or disabilities that cause defect in their mobility use the support of crutches. Since the injuries are of different type’s doctors recommend specific types of support depending upon the extent of injury and the overall physical condition of the patient.
  • Features You Should Look For In Knee Scooters
    [Health and Fitness : Exercise and Fitness] The best alternative to crutches is the knee scooters. These are easy to use and help you to be mobile without putting much burden on your hands. If you are thinking of buying a knee walker, then you should check for some essential features that are a must for making your knee scooter ride easy and comfortable.
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