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  • How To Find Most Suitable Bridal Shoes
    [Lifestyle and Leisure : Fashion] The brilliant wedding dress is often the protagonist of the wedding, but in addition to the gorgeous wedding dress, sophisticated look and dazzling jewelry, a pair of outstanding wedding shoes is also very important. While it might be hiding in the skirt which is not easy to show up, a pair of comfortable and beautiful wedding shoes not only adds extra points for the overall shape, but also often bears the most pure dream of every girl.
  • Anorexia Caused By Weight Loss
    [Health and Fitness : Diet and Weight Loss] When it comes to the anorexia, you can probably infer his methods of crime: the young beauty goes on diet at his instigation, and finally is framed. We can often see those very thin models, and some of them who are famous all over the world have suffered from the anorexia. Anorexia nervosa is divided into two subtypes: restricting type and binge-eating/purging type.
  • How To Decide Diets for Weight Loss
    [Health and Fitness : Diet and Weight Loss] Among low-fat diet, low-carbohydrate diet and the Mediterranean diet, what kind of diet is more efficient for weight loss, and which is more beneficial to the body? The article gives you the answer through a series of researches and the clarification of the diets.
  • Terrible High Heels
    [Health and Fitness : Wellness] The original function of shoes is to protect the feet, and the decorative function is just a derivative function, but today people are following a cart-before-horse thinking that the decorative function of shoes is the most important.
  • Uncontemplated Fashion - Oversize
    [Lifestyle and Leisure : Fashion] "Oversize" is the byword for "fat" in lots of people's eyes, though it's usually not the true fact. If you still insist the point that only fat women wear the plus-size dresses, then you must have been fall behind the times. Oversize clothing has been the necessary item for street snap all over the world, and recently it becomes especially hot in HK Fashion Week; all the local fashion bloggers almost appear in over-size dresses, competing with the star models.
  • Top 5 Most Dangerous Ways of Contraception
    [Parenting & Families : Pregnancy & Childbirth] Sex life becomes more and more common that the advertisements for abortion and contraception frequently appear on all kinds of public media, and contraception has already become an essential part of ordinary people’s life gradually. Believe it or not, choose a safe way of contraception in sex life is far more important than we imagined. Contraceptive ways differ among a variety of people, but the methods are all similar, and we summary 5 most dangerous way of contraception here for reference.
  • Infant Room Fitment Tips
    [Home Improvement : Bedrooms] When a new life comes to a family, all the family members feel excited and look forward to his coming. As a result, preparation for newborn baby including clothes, powered milk and toys must be carried on in advance. Besides, the baby room fitment is a very essential part which cannot be ignored, and the room for baby ought to be environmental and healthy for the little baby will stay in the room for most of his time. Here we summery several tips on the baby room fitment and decoration.
  • Play Colors in Boring Winter
    [Lifestyle and Leisure : Fashion] Most girls including me have already appreciated that collocation is far more important than the clothing, but more than a few of us are bothered by the question how to match our clothes.
  • How To Wear Uniform Style Coat - Refuse To Be Manly
    [Lifestyle and Leisure : Beauty Tips] Recent years the uniform style coat goes to the frontier of fashion trend. Uniform style coat is definitely a winter essential, which is both warm and easy to match other clothes. Many girls feel that uniform style outfit is bound to be tough neutral, but it's not exactly true. Here let's have a look at how to wear the uniform style outfit.
  • What's Correct Notion of Love And Marriage
    [Self-Help : Marriage & Relationships] Too many people have experienced the sweet feeling when falling in love, but the sugar is not always sweet especially in the life after the wedding. Do you still feel so happy a year after getting married? Couples find they have conflicts on pettiness which are beyond their expectations. The experts give us some suggestions to keep the marital life harmonious and let's share them following.
  • Things To Consider Before Choosing Your Bridesmaids
    [Self-Help : Weddings] Bridesmaid is a significant role in a wedding, and no one will ignore the existence of the bridesmaids for their beauty and virtuousness. Since bridesmaids are so critical to a wedding, how to choose the bridesmaid? Actually we should pay attention to some problems which we might ignore at the moment.
  • Tricks on Having A Sound Sleep
    [Health and Fitness : Wellness] Rationally regulating sleep is conducive to both body and mood. Quality of sleep directly affects the second day spirit and work efficiency.Winter's sleep requires being early to bed and getting up late. Sleep exerts a tremendous influence on one's heath, so that resting not well enough will directly have a negative impact on the digestive function, nervous system, physical recovery. Consequently, we must follow some principles in order to have a sound sleep.
  • Key Points for Hair Care
    [Health and Fitness : Women's Health] Summer insolation combined with dry weather in fall, inevitably bring about hair problems. More and more hair care products emerge in the market, and you may doubt whether all of them are suitable for our hairs. Today we have to popularize knowledge of hair care products to help you choose a suitable hair conditioner.
  • Five Tricks on Purchase of Small Businesses
    [Business : Management] For many entrepreneurs, buying a mall company may be forever not stable. What's more, the new enterprise will be faced with many difficulties beyond their imagination. At last, the entrepreneurs lose their money but still can not get the new company operate as usual. Here we give five tricks on purchase of small businesses to guid you about how to choose a suitable business and how to make deals , and you can learn something from it.
  • High Heels VS Flat Shoes
    [Lifestyle and Leisure : Fashion] Shoes share experience with women. No matter what stage of life you are in, regardless of obese or thin stature, shoes are always more loyal than men to you. Every woman needs a pair of fashionable shoes, just like Superman's clothes, Cinderella's glass slippers. After finding the shoes belonging to you, sexy, attractive and confident elements in your body will burst out in the blink of an eye. For all these reasons, women have the belief to be absolutely loyal to their shoes.
  • Help You Fight against Acne
    [Health and Fitness : Women's Health] Continuous working overtime not only has a negative effect on your body health, but also does damage to the skin. Annoying acne also sprout like bamboo shoots after a spring rain on the cheeks. And acne at different positions differs in nursing method. We must master the skills to fight against the acne!
  • Shopping Strategy on Wedding Dress
    [Lifestyle and Leisure : Beauty Tips] Eight points for you to select a wedding dress. 1.Calculate the cost The first step is to calculate the cost including the wedding dress, accessories and the modifying cost. Headpiece, underwear and wedding jewelry will occupy a large proportion, and don't forget this part. Besides, if you do not buy tailor-made wedding dress, the expense for modifying the wedding dress is ought to included.
  • How to Choose A Suitable Wedding Dress
    [Lifestyle and Leisure : Fashion] Wedding is the most important day of the bride's life and everyone wants her big day to be unforgettable. As a result, a suitable wedding dress is very necessary to enable the bride to be most outstanding and the day to be more impressive. However, a majority of brides-to-be will be worried about a series of problems before the big day including the selection of a satisfying bridal gown.
  • How to Get The Favor of The Venture Capitalists?
    [Business : Financing/Loans] VCs often use the elimination method to choose suitable business case, and they will escape when encountering some type of entrepreneur. In particular, VCs often see several companies in a day, so it's probably that the first impression determines your destiny. The following are some common type of failure.
  • How to Recognize A Bad Leader
    [Business : Management] From a certain stage, I put everyone as a part of the solution or part of the problem. If they are sincere and I can trust them, then they are part of the solution. If not, they are part of the problem. Some people will be adjusted from one category to the other category after I know them well, and this situation is not uncommon.
  • Enthralling Bridal Jewelry - Bracelets
    [Lifestyle and Leisure : Beauty Tips] In the wedding day, brides will be dressed like a princess wearing shiny jewelry. Various bracelets are gaining favor among brides. Bridal bracelets can be dainty or bold, subtle or striking. It all depends on your taste.
  • A Wild Card - Little White Dress
    [Lifestyle and Leisure : Fashion] Changeable magical power achieves its brilliance with a little white gown. You can prepare one for your cocktail, prom or evening party, and even in the wedding the LBD can show its dazzling light. Maybe we can call the little white dress a wild card.
  • Miraculous Little Black Dress
    [Lifestyle and Leisure : Fashion] When defining the little black dress, we say it is an evening or cocktail dress, cut simply and often quite short. Just as its name, the little black dress is usually in black and short. Although this style is very simple, it has great popularity among ladies for centuries. The LBD has a long history dating back to the Coco Chanel's designs of the 1920s. Since it's born, it has been the apple in women's eyes, widely used on a variety of occasions.
  • Advice for Writing Your Wedding Vows
    [Parenting & Families : Family Activities] Wedding vows is the most important part of a wedding and usually it's a formal and exciting moment to the newlyweds and others. Since the wedding vows is so significant, it's worth spending some time to write your wedding vows which represent your lifetime promise
  • Wedding Flowers
    [Lifestyle and Leisure : Hobbies] Emerson said that "The earth laughs in flowers". Flowers are always the symbol of positive spirits and beauty. Flowers are widely used in weddings dating back to centuries ago and we have to say they are the most fabulous gift from nature. Till today, flowers still play a vital part in a wedding ranging from the bridal bouquet to the table decorations.
  • Why is Lace Dress So Popular?
    [Lifestyle and Leisure : Fashion] Perhaps you feel lace is too small girlish petty to wear clothing with taste, personality and sexy because it looks sweet. In fact, the female stars wearing lace often steal the spotlight on solemn occasions.
  • Romantic Winter Wedding
    [Lifestyle and Leisure] Holding a wedding ceremony in winter is an affair worth looking forward to. A successful winter wedding is much more romantic but needs mush consideration.
  • Add New Points to Your Bachelor Party
    [Lifestyle and Leisure : Outdoor Activities] When it comes to bachelor party, what first goes into your mind? It must be some words like crazy, Las vegas, nightclubs or casino. That's right. On the one hand, marriage is sacred and gives us the sense of responsibility. On the other hand, one person who is about to get married always wants to enjoy his last freedom and his right to go unpunished when doing something wrong.
  • Black Wedding Dresses
    [Lifestyle and Leisure : Beauty Tips] After the year 1840 Queen Victoria wed Prince Albert in a fashionable white dress, it become the fashion wedding color since then.Prior to this, women favored bold colored dresses - often one that was black or other dark color.
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