Author: Jeff Hewson

Jeff Hewson

Jeff Hewson lives in Canada and associated with Aquatech Dewatering Company, a company that specializes in dewatering solutions and equipment sales and rentals. He has done graduation from University of Toronto.

Primary Business: Aquatech Dewatering

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  • Wide Range of Living Options
    [Real Estate : Rental Properties] Victoria, British Columbia offers a relaxed lifestyle as well as access to well-established education and healthcare facilities. James Bay Village is a community within Victoria that is popular with renters.
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  • Living In Montreal
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  • Experiential Marketing Puts Brands Into Customers' Hands
    [Business : Marketing] Experiential marketing seeks to directly connect consumers with a product or service. This contact then creates a visceral reaction and leads to an ongoing relationship.
  • Trash Pumps: Successful Dewatering Requires The Right Equipment
    [Business : Industrial] Dewatering efforts require the proper equipment to be used in any given situation. Trash pumps are a crucial tool when the water to be removed is contaminated with large amounts of solid materials (aka "trash"), because ordinary pumps may fail under the strain.
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