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Shaun has been writing professionally for over five years and although he specilizers in health and health related subjects/posts/articles he also can write about anything else.

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  • Guaranteed Income Online
    [Online Business : Promotion] There are not many programs online that can guarantee that you will make money and finding these websites and proving that they work is often more difficult than finding gold. But when you find them it is like finding a diamond that gets bigger every day.
  • Getting Started To Make Money Online
    [Online Business : Internet Marketing] It seems that out of the billions of websites online most of them are going to try and sell you something that will make you money online. The problem is that there is currently a 95% failure rate which makes one think that these methods obviously do not work.
  • Weight gain diets
    [Health and Fitness : Body Building] If you are training correctly and you are trying to put on quality weight which is muscle then you need to make sure that you eat correctly. Eating loads of calories or junk foods is not going to put on the good quality weight that you are looking for.
  • Weight gaining workout routines
    [Health and Fitness : Body Building] Gaining good quality weight without doing a workout routine will sound like a complete paradox to most weight trainers and bodybuilders. Simply because something that all weight trainers and bodybuilders all know is that gaining muscle comes from progressive resistance.
  • How to gain weight without getting fat
    [Health and Fitness : Body Building] If you mean how to gain weight fast and you do not mind what kind of weight you gain then the answer is easy- just eat more calories. But you are more than likely interested in gaining good quality weight i.e. muscles. This means that it will come but it will not come easy.
  • Incline bench press - form, benefits and muscles worked
    [Health and Fitness : Body Building] Incline bench-press is a great way to get your upper pecs a good workout and rapid growth. The upper pecs genetically are very often the part of the pectoral major that is weaker than the lower or middle pec. This is probably why it is usually such a common exercise done in most gyms.
  • Bench press pyramid routine
    [Health and Fitness : Body Building] Pyramid routines have been around a long time and there are many different variations on this idea. It is good to note here that there is no perfect pyramid routine that you can do because what did not work 3 or 6 months ago may work very well once you have adapted some more to another routine.
  • Decline bench press - form, benefits and muscles worked
    [Health and Fitness : Body Building] It is unfortunate that often the decline press just gets cobwebs on it in the average gym because it works and it works well. The methods that you use in decline press is important if you want to get results fast but there are many variations that you can use with regards to selecting your sets and reps.
  • Bench press workout - for strength and mass
    [Health and Fitness : Body Building] Without a doubt the best way to get out of a plateau that you might have reached in increasing your bench-press is to spend some time increasing the strength of your triceps. This is done by using anything from close-grip press to heavy tricep extensions.
  • Benefits of chin ups and what muscles do chin ups work
    [Health and Fitness : Body Building] Chin-ups or chins are a great workout for your back and biceps as this is a pulling movement and the stress is placed on the muscles involved with any and all pulling movements. There are many different muscles in your back but we will only be talking about the main four groups.
  • Benefits of push ups and what muscles do push ups work
    [Health and Fitness : Body Building] Push-ups are going to be working all the major muscle groups in your upper body if you are doing them correctly. It is a great movement and that is why it has been used so effectively for years in order to stress the upper body so effectively.
  • How to do push ups to build muscle
    [Health and Fitness : Body Building] Push-ups have and always will be a great upper body exercise to get you strong. When doing push-ups, just like any other exercise, it is very important that you do the movement correctly and this means keeping your knees locked out and lowering your chest to the ground.
  • How to do chin ups for biceps mass
    [Health and Fitness : Body Building] Although chin-ups primarily work your back muscles of which there are four groups they also work your biceps directly. Obviously it does not to be said here that as you get stronger doing chins your back muscles as well as your biceps will grow simultaneously. But there is more that you can do in order to add stress specifically to your biceps.
  • Reverse grip bench press - form, benefits and muscles worked
    [Health and Fitness : Body Building] Most of us do a bench-press on an incline when we think of concentrating on the upper chest but the truth is that there is a better way that the upper pecs can be isolated. Training the chest with a combination of various movements is something that you should be weary of.
  • Bench press technique - proper bench press technique
    [Health and Fitness : Body Building] Doing a bench-press correctly is something that should be covered when you start for the first time doing this movement. Simply because doing any part of the movement incorrectly when you are just starting will lead to bad habits that will be difficult to break.
  • Tips for bodybuilding at home
    [Health and Fitness : Body Building] Although most people will advise you that in order to do bodybuilding effectively you need to join a gym, this is actually not true at all. You do not need a whole lot of fancy equipment in order to be very effective at putting on weight in your little gym at home.
  • Muscle development tips
    [Health and Fitness : Body Building] If you are reading about muscle development tips then it must be assumed that you are just starting out and you have not been pumping iron for a long time. If this is the case then you have something on your side and that is that your muscles have not adapted to weights yet.
  • How do you gain weight/muscle?
    [Health and Fitness : Body Building] If you want to put on quality weight then you are no doubt talking about muscle. Putting on muscle does not come from some fancy injection or some fancy vitamin, it comes from progressive resistance. Sports Science has conclusively proven that this is the only way to get muscle.
  • How to gain weight naturally
    [Health and Fitness : Body Building] To gain weight naturally could mean a number of things when you look at the question from a weight trainer’s point of view. Obviously the most important part about gaining any good quality weight (i.e. Muscle) is the food that you eat and what you and when you eat.
  • Breathing squats
    [Health and Fitness : Body Building] When it comes to high intensity breathing squats are at the top of the pyramid when it comes to “going the extra mile”. Basically it is all about taking yourself to a place you have not been before and it is going past the point of failure with your whole body and not just one muscle group.
  • How to gain mass for bodybuilding
    [Health and Fitness : Body Building] There are a few basics that must be assumed if you are going to want to pick up lean body mass when bodybuilding. The first is the nutrition that you are giving to yourself and that does not mean only the amount of protein that you are eating but also the amount of times you give yourself protein.
  • Barbell bench press with bands - bench press resistance bands benefits.
    [Health and Fitness : Body Building] Using bands to improve your bench-press is something that has proven itself to work effectively but it should be added here that band training is an advanced technique that should not be used when starting out for the first time.
  • Bench press with chains training: -benefits of bench press with chains
    [Health and Fitness : Body Building] Training with chains attached to the end of the barbell is a way of creating a variable resistance that will keep constant tension on the muscles. The reasoning is a little complicated if you do not have a lot of basic biomechanical or kinesiology knowledge but the bottom line is that it works.
  • Pre exhaust - what is pre exhaust training and sample pre exhaust chest workout
    [Health and Fitness : Body Building] It is important to note here that using pre-exhaust techniques in your workouts is an advanced training method and should not be done by beginners who have been training for less than a year. The principal mixers compound movements with isolated movements.
  • Supersets - what are supersets and sample superset workout for arms
    [Health and Fitness : Body Building] There are basically two different kinds of supersets that you can do and they are isolated supersets and compound supersets. The isolated superset is when only one joint is used in doing the exercise for example bicep curls or triceps extensions.
  • Forced reps - what is forced reps training and are forced reps good or bad
    [Health and Fitness : Body Building] In my opinion forced reps are great and although very similar to drop sets you can actually go a little farther with forced reps that you can with dropsets. What you need in order to do forced reps effectively is a spotter who knows what they are doing.
  • Dropsets - how drop sets build mass and sample drop sets bicep workout
    [Health and Fitness : Body Building] Dropsets are a workout that is advanced and should not be used by beginners or people who have been training less than at least a year. Doing dropsets is a way of going beyond positive failure and this is something that you really need to know what you are doing.
  • Close grip bench press - form, benefits and muscles worked
    [Health and Fitness : Body Building] Close grip bench-press was voted as the best tricep exercise for increasing your strength and getting more power in your regular bench-press. This was recorded on a bodybuilding forum more than once and when you do the movement you will see why.
  • Bench press tips - bench press tips and tricks
    [Health and Fitness : Body Building] There are a few tips and tricks that you can change in your chest workout in order to radically improve the maximum weight that you can currently bench-press. But in order to get the most benefit you need to ask yourself a few serious questions.
  • Gain weight exercise
    [Health and Fitness : Body Building] Gain weight exercise In this article we are going to talk about weight-gain exercises and not nutrition, eating correctly or eating to gain weight. It must be assumed that you are not just eating junk food whenever you get hungry because that will not put on the quality weight that you are looking for.
  • Alternating light and heavy workouts
    [Health and Fitness : Body Building] There are both simple and complicated reasons why you should combine various workouts using light and heavy weights. It goes without saying that lighter weights obviously mean more reps and even more sets if you are going to keep the current overall intensity of your workouts.
  • Starting from scratch making money online
    [Online Business : Internet Marketing] If you are starting online for the first time and you would like to know how to start making money from home there are a few things that you need to consider. The first is to be aware of the enormous amount of competition out there as there are billions of websites online.
  • How to get edu backlinks
    [Online Business : Internet Marketing] There are various opinions all over the Internet about the “weight” that edu backlinks hold. Whichever camp you might fall into there is still no doubt that you will need to get high quality verified edu backlinks in order to get your website on page one of Google or any other search engine.
  • Why are edu backlinks so important?
    [Online Business : Internet Marketing] When you are trying to get noticed by Google or any other search engine it has been a well-known fact that when you get edu links you get noticed and your page rank improves. But is this true or is it just another Internet fishwives tale?
  • How To Get Money Online
    [Online Business : Internet Marketing] With the billions of websites that are now available online it certainly is getting a lot tougher to make money online than it used to be. What all these billions of websites have in common is that they are all trying to sell you something.
  • High quality Authority backlinks
    [Online Business : Internet Marketing] If you have a website then you will no doubt know all about the importance of backlinks. The problem is that there are backlinks that you can get that are a dime a dozen and then there are backlinks that come from high quality authority websites that Google loves.
  • 5 sets of 5 reps workout
    [Health and Fitness : Body Building] Training with 5 sets of 5 reps each is probably the best way to break through that dreaded plateau that all weight trainers go through. In fact 5X5 has been done for a very long time and Arnold’s greatest hero was Reg Park who used to believe strongly in the 5X5 method of gaining muscle and strength fast.
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