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Carl Tambeau has been an online marketer since 2006. Carl lives in Canada and enjoys writing for various audiences, mainly the self help niche. He has been successful in attracting readers and appealing to their needs around the world. With 20+ years experience in business, Carl can bring you expertise and in turn bring you closer to living a life of abundance and prosperity. This experience combined with his coaching and marketing skills will be a huge contribution to the online community.

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  • Personal Money Management - Improvement Your Financial Mind With Music!
    [Finance : Personal Finance] Be confident that whatever your financial goals, objectives or dreams are, they are all within your reach as long as you do certain things in a particular way. One way to accomplish this is to use music to start the process of ridding your mind of financial stress - before you judge this idea check out this article, you may be glad you did.
  • Overspending Addiction - What You Should Look For.
    [Self-Help : Personal Finance] Compulsive spending is an addiction that is not as obvious as other addictions in that you don't see immediate physical changes. Most of the time emotional turmoil can be a huge creator of this type of addiction....
  • 7 Tips for Flipping Houses For Profit
    [Finance : Personal Finance] Here is an article you definitely want to read especially if you still have good credit but would like to fix your debt load to zero. My cousin did this and over a period of 6 months to two years was successful in bringing up his net worth from a minus to a huge positive of over $200,000 - check it out - keep in mind this is not for everyone....
  • Do You Realize Over spending Is An Addiction?
    [Finance : Personal Finance] Over spending unlike other addictions is not as noticeable to friends and family. This type of behavior can be masked with various excuses until it comes to a point where time unveils what is taking place...
  • Can You Recognize The Symptoms of Grieving?
    [Self-Help : General] There are various stages to the grieving process and sometimes it is hard to understand as well as remember what your family, friends or acquaintances are going through. Each of you will experience a loss differently and that occasion will affect you either physically, emotionally or even both. Why not lend an empathetic ear and help to lessen the stress of their mourning. You need to be able to understand what you should expect to experience throughout the process.
  • The Benefits of Healing Music When Dealing With Rage Control
    [Self-Help : Stress Management] In an ever fast-paced world where we are under constant daily stress's we need to find reprieve to deal with events that cause us to feel like a human pressure cooker - Healing Music can be one such tool which can be very effective and successful in handling the day to day stress's.
  • Can Healing Music Boost Your Confidence?
    [Self-Help : Stress Management] In this article we attempt to show the importance of Healing Music and how it can help to enhance your self image. This type of harmony has many health benefits when properly implemented into your life. The feel good benefits add to enhancing your self-respect.
  • Are You Aware Relaxation Music and Success Go Together?
    [Self-Help : General] As you climb the ladder of success it is important that you don't step on others to get to the top. However should you make mistakes along the way there are several coping mechanisms you can use. This article discusses one of the these mechanisms people are using more often.
  • What does Healing Music, Rage Management, and Deep Breathing have in common?
    [Self-Help : Stress Management] Have you ever been affected by anger? Anger turning to rage can be very dangerous however it doesn't have to be this way especially once you discover an amazing tip we will tell you about here in this article!
  • Rage Anger Management - How To React To Difficult People
    [Self-Help : Stress Management] There are times in our lives when we will be angry for good reason at friends,acquaintances and even family. The key is to not let the anger fester into rage and cause bad energy within yourself - read here to find the secret to reducing rage.
  • Did You Know Healing Music Can Be A Musical Prescription For Anxiety?
    [Health and Fitness : Mental Illness] Here is an article which gives you a real story on how a family man was able to take control of his rage and anxiety through the use of music. Check this out....
  • Stress is Among All Of Us - Can You See It?
    [Self-Help : Stress Management] Stress is experienced by most of you in one form or another. Some of you will be affected in a positive way while others will experience the negative effects. It is how you see the situation that helps you to deal with it...
  • Are You Aware What Causes Stress and How To Cope?
    [Self-Help : Stress Management] There are many situations in life which can cause you internal turmoil and can have an affect on your mental and physical health. In an effort to help reduce stress it is important to be able to identify the causes and then create a plan to cope.
  • There Are Two Main Types of Stress - Do You Understand Them?
    [Self-Help : Stress Management] There are two types of stress you need to understand in order to be effective in coping with the day to day challenges in your life. Some of these challenges will bring positive changes and others will bring about negative. Some will have an effect on your overall health both mentally and physically.
  • Who Causes Your Stress - Your Outer World or You?
    [Self-Help : Stress Management] We go through life with one challenge after another, some days good while other days you regret getting out of bed. Have you ever looked back on the challenges you have had so far and analyzed each situation to figure out why it happened? Is every bit of stress caused by your outer world or by you?
  • Coping With Stress - Does Your Health Depend On It?
    [Self-Help : Stress Management] So you have a ton of stress in your life, how did this happen? What can you do about it? Read this article to get your answer as to why if matters whether you cope or not. Who really cares anyways?
  • Stress - Lets Talk About The Physical Effects!
    [Self-Help : Stress Management] Think about the constant harmful effects tension has on your body, your immune system is taking a continuous hammering. The healthy functioning of the immune system is very necessary for your body to function effectively. Check out this article to understand how stress affects your health.
  • Long Term Stress - How Does It Control Your Life?
    [Self-Help : Stress Management] There are varying degrees of emotional turmoil, maybe it will last a few days or maybe a few months. Long Term Stress needs to be controlled as soon as possible and should never be neglected. As we have discussed it can lead to severe diseases therefore if it persists you should....
  • The Grief Stages and What You Need To Understand
    [Self-Help : Stress Management] Going through the grief stages is not something any of us want to face however when we are faced with this type of trauma we need to know what to expect. This report is about giving you an overview of what to expect from a general point of view, in a future report we will be sharing what to expect at each stage of the process.
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