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Looking for honest and up-front health and fitness advice? Clarence is available to help you, regardless of which stage you are at: beginner, intermediate or advanced. He advocates a safe and sure method of achieving your wellness goals.

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  • Quick Weight-Loss Diet? Give me a BREAK!
    [Health and Fitness : Diet and Weight Loss] The phrase states, there's no time like the present and that certainly holds true for weight loss. With so many health conditions directly related to obesity, it's no wonder that the weight loss industry has exploded as waist line of Americans have done the same. Everything from diet foods, quick weight loss diets and gym memberships have experienced
  • An Online Business From Home-You Can Make This Happen and For Less Than You Think
    [Employment : General] Are you looking to make a change in your life in terms of what you do for a living? You may be unemployed and unable to find work. Others wish to make this change as they are fed up with working for someone else who does not appreciate the time and effort being put in. No matter why you are thinking about making this change, you can establish...
  • Pre Employment Screening-A Must for Many Positions
    [Employment : General] Looking to hire someone, but would like to have them checked out before you actually offer a position with your company? Many employers are now choosing to require pre employment screening as a condition of employment. This is nothing more than a background check in which the commercial, criminal and financial records of potential hires are examined...
  • Is Beta Testing Games For You?
    [Games : General] Playing video games is fun, but working video games is a career. The career of beta testing games is booming and everywhere you look on the Internet, there are claims of outrageous salaries you can expect for testing games for large corporations...
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