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jon butler

i am jon butler from new york, as bank manager in bank of america in new city.

Primary Business: banking information

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  • Important Rules You Need to Know For ACH processing
    [Finance : Credit] ACH service or automated clearing house entrepreneurs who do not have his / her country of a person, but anywhere in the world, as well as payment in different currencies with customers.
  • How To Check the bank routing number online
    [Finance : Accounting] Bank routing number is used to indicate the origin of its financial institutions to check. This can be very important in a number of levels can be checked online.
  • Bankroutingnumber - A simple new tool to improve the financial security
    [Finance : Personal Finance] As a small business person, you need to understand your customers and suppliers. You can not be too careful these days, and verify the real purpose of the check or money becomes more and more important.
  • Banking on Facebook, Would You Do?
    [Finance : Accounting] Facebook, of course , and it looks like the target company is trying to achieve. It has been very obvious, but Facebook will make a major push payment, but it does not end there . According to reports , Facebook is looking to enter the banking business.
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