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  • Silestone Worktops for a High-Design Kitchen
    [Home Improvement : Kitchens] While selecting for a countertop, you will come across several stones to offer your kitchen a veined look. For the best finish, you should select the Silestone Worktop because they are just brilliant in matching and enhancing looks of every kitchen design.
  • White Granite Worktops for a Wonderful Kitchen
    [Home Improvement : Kitchens] Whatever is the finish of your kitchen furniture, the best worktops that can give it a sophisticated and sleek look are the White Granite Worktops. There are many more colors and patterns that you can choose from. Have a look.
  • Tips To Help You Choose Best Granite Worktops in UK
    [Home Improvement : Kitchens] There are many reasons that make Granite Worktops in UK the most popular one, but above all, it is the superior quality of the granite worktops that has helped this natural stone stand at top.
  • Quartz Worktops For Your Kitchen
    [Home Improvement : Kitchens] When finding a worktop is the job, there are many stones available in the market to serve the purpose. But Quartz Worktop has made the newest trend in the industry and they are brilliantly serving their purpose.
  • Stunning ‘Emerald Pearl’
    [Home Improvement : Kitchens] ‘Al-murad granite’ has been providing its customers with beautiful and long lasting granite worktops from locations in many different parts of the world for over a decade and ‘Emerald Pearl’ granite is no exception.
  • Traditional ‘New Venetian Gold Granite’
    [Home Improvement] Unlike ‘Star Galaxy Granite’ and ‘Kashmir White Granite’ that are exuviated from quarries situated in India and for this reason are considered very rare, ‘New Venetian Gold Granite’ which is also supplied by ‘Al-Murad Granite’ is exuviated from several different quarries they are found on a vast scale throughout Brazil.
  • Quartz vs. Granite: You Decide
    [Home Improvement] When it comes to redecorating your kitchen there are several aspects to consider such as the wall colour, whether or not to install a splash back, how to update your kitchen cabinets.
  • ‘Al-Murade Granite’ The Beauty of Kashmir White’
    [Home Improvement] Now a days this stunning granite can be found in ‘Al-Murad’s state of the art showrooms, but this beautiful unique granite originated in the Precambrian period of Indian history.
  • The Beauty of ‘Kashmir Gold’
    [Home Improvement] Al-Murad Granite’ is one of the few UK suppliers that stock the beautiful ‘Kashmir Gold’ worktops. ‘Kashmir Gold Granite’ is extracted from the Tamilnadu State, which is located in the south of India.
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