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Author: Charry Morris

Charry Morris, personal yoga instructor to the United States Ski Team athletes, developed the Yoga Weight Loss System when she lost over 60 pounds with Yoga. She shares here secrets and everything she learned and will help guide you to do the same in the Yoga Weight Loss System.

                                                                                                   Yoga: Where and Why To Begin Yoga Weight Loss System

 “In the beginning you have to make room for yoga in your daily life, and give it the place it deserves. But after some time  yoga itself will pull you up by the hair and make you do it.”—Vanda Scaravelli  When you start to do yoga it can be scary. Y ou jump into the unknown. You feel stiff. You feel tight. You don’t know what you are supposed to feel. You don’t know if you are doing it right.

The biggest part of starting is realizing that you never started anything at the level of expert. We are all beginners at the beginning. In fact, part of the challenge of yoga is to keep this “beginner’s mind”. So, in fact, a true beginner is at an advantage!

Yoga is the path of action, so the first action of yoga is getting on your yoga mat mentally & figuratively, and taking some breaths. From there, follow my video or book and do some poses. See how you feel. There will be inspired days, and lethargic days. Push through the lethargy, ramp it up when inspired. Be there for yourself. You will strengthen your willpower by getting on your mat daily.

As soon as you stand and feel the earth supporting your weight, you start to relax. As soon as you start to tap into and hone the potential of your breath, you start to acknowledge and take ownership of your life. Once you move and open your body to the possibilities of a pose, you begin to understand and know that positive change in your life is possible.

By focusing on your body and dedicating yourself to your bodies change, you will start to notice how different you feel when you do your yoga and when you do not. You will then start to notice what your mind is like when you begin yoga and what it is like when you are not doing yoga. You will notice that yoga clears away doubt, fear, and apprehension.

Whether you are clinically depressed, or just feeling a little down, you will begin to notice that when your body feels lighter, your mind feels less burdened. You feel less gloomy and more determined. You learn that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. If you are feeling down, you know you can choose to take another point of view. If you are feeling unglued and stressed out, you begin to know that you can come back to your breath and calm down. You will gain the tools of self-discovery and analysis. You will begin to know how to handle yourself, your mind, and your body in a more positive light.

Guidelines for Practice

Practice on an empty or nearly empty stomach. Wear loose comfortable clothing. Pay attention to your body and how you feel in the pose. Practice regularly. Work at your own pace.

Begin, where you are today. Take pride that you've begun your Yoga practice.


The Yoga Weight Loss System guides you along your weight loss journey with yoga. Charry explains step by step, the how and why and demonstrates the correct poses through full-color pictures and video!

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