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Author: Charry Morris

Charry Morris, personal yoga instructor to the United States Ski Team athletes, developed the Yoga Weight Loss System when she lost over 60 pounds with Yoga. She shares here secrets and everything she learned and will help guide you to do the same in the Yoga Weight Loss System.

Be A Warrior On and Off Your Mat: Whatever your intentions are when you begin yoga, somehow yoga works on your mind, body, and spirit without you even realizing it. Whether you do yoga to lose weight,lose weight, to stretch tight hamstrings, or to reach the highest goal of Self-realization, you will get what you desire.

For example, the warrior postures in yoga. They seem like simple stretching and strengthening exercises. They may even be familiar to us from gym class when we were kids. But the subtle effects that they have on your body and psyche are profound, yet almost imperceptible while in the poses.

The Sanskrit name for Warrior Pose is Virabhadrasana. (See below for more about the origins and story of Virabhadra.)

There are three variations of Warrior Pose which we do and each one is a great stretch.Warrior Pose, Yoga

Warrior I opens the hips, hip flexors and spine.

Warrior II opens the inner thighs and chest.

Warrior III stretches the hamstrings.

The Warrior poses are also great for toning and strengthening. They tone the thigh muscles, the back, the core, and the shoulders. They also strengthen your heart muscle, especially Warrior III.

Lastly, the Warrior poses go beyond the physical to the mental state. They radically challenge your balance, your courage, your awareness of your own truth. They clarify and define your purpose in this life.

If you are doing yoga to lose weight, these poses are essential. If you are cross-training, these poses are fundamental to maintaining the length and strength of your muscles. If you are on your mat to evolve to the highest state of Self you can reach, these postures will help you stay devoted to your path.

PS: Here's more about Virabhadra-Virabhadra is a warrior invoked by Shiva himself to basically destroy the world and eradicate all who wronged him. This story, despite its violent content and ferocious acts taken by Virabhadra is actually a love story. Shiva (one of three major gods in Hindu mythology) was deeply in love with a woman named Sita. Sita’s father was a priest who deeply offended Shiva by not inviting him to a sacred event. Sita was so hurt, that she went to her father and in an act of faith and devotion to her beloved Shiva, she threw herself into a fire and was burned to ash instantly. Shiva’s grief and rage were such that he took a lock of hair, threw it to the ground and invoked the fiercest warrior the world had ever known- Virabhadra.

This warrior went on a rampage killing and pillaging everything in sight. He went so crazy that the other two gods, Brahma and Vishnu, went to Shiva to ask that he call Virabhadra off. He did, entering into a deep state of meditation for hundreds of years, lamenting his loss.

The first, Warrior I (or Virabhadrasana I), is the enactment of Virabhadra rising up out of the earth from the lock of Shiva’s hair. He is full of wrath, but also full of the heartache of his master, Shiva. His heart is open and his path is clear. He is full of compassion for those that he must kill. In reality, he is going out into the world to kill the ignorance that resides in each of us.

In Warrior II (Virabhadrasana II), Virabhadra is depicted as taking his spear back in preparation for attack. It is the opening of his heart to those he will conquer. It is fierce determination to right the wrongs of those that killed Sita. It is a clear and single focus of purpose. This is truly the pose of action.

The final Warrior Pose, Warrior III (Virabhadrasana III), is the final blow so to speak. It is Virabhadra launching in to pierce his opponent. It is Virabhadra moving through space to eradicate ignorance. It is the great warrior bringing about justice and eliminating the small ego that tends to create great pain in our lives.

Virabhadra is clear with what he needs to do to achieve victory over ignorance. Out of sheer devotion and love, he is willing to go into battle. Out of sheer devotion and love, find out what you are capable of doing!

The Yoga Weight Loss System guides you along your weight loss journey with yoga. Charry explains step by step, the how and why and demonstrates the correct poses through full-color pictures and video!

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