Wire Feed Welder For the Beginning Craftsman

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Author: Michelle Thompson

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A Wire Feed Welder is the perfect choice for someone who is new to the welding process. Not only is this type of welding the easiest to learn, it also has a lower overall skill requirement. You just press the trigger and weld as wire is continuously fed.

This makes it easier for beginners as hand movements do not have to be coordinated to feed the electrode rod inot the weld puddle. In addition, this type of welding results in higher productivity which gives the beginner welder a feeling of confidence and success. All in all, this is the perfect type of welding when just learning the process.

This type of welding goes by a variety of names, including gas metal arc welding (GMAW), metal inert gas (MIG) welding and metal active gas (MAG) welding.

This may be an automatic or semi-automatic process depending on your preference also. A shielding gas is combined with a consumable, continuous wire electrode as both are fed through a welding gun. Another reason this choice is so popular is that direct current, alternating current or constant current may power your tool.

Hobart's Handler 125 EZ is the perfect choice for many as it is a single knob control welder. Set up and use are both quick and easy thanks to this feature.

Plug it in, select your thickness and off you go. Features include electrically "cold" wire until trigger is pressed thanks to the built in contactor and a durable feed head offering quick-release drive roll tension.

This makes it easy to thread new wire as well as provides a positive feed with tension that is adjustable. Perfect for farm and ranch use, light maintenance and repair as well as light fabrication, this unit is priced right at just $406.

If a larger wire feed welder is need, consider the Snap On Muscle MIG, model MM140SL. This welder is a popular choice among auto repair and auto body shops everywhere, yet has a variety of other uses.

It is also designed for manufacturing and maintenance applications as well as custom fabrication. This unit can be used for spot, continuous or stitch welding and comes with a detachable feeder which is perfect for those hard to reach places. Best of all, this welder, as compared to many others of this type, offers 100% duty cycle which means there is no rest period required.

If you need to weld for ten minutes, this is possible while other welders often only allow you to weld three minutes out of every ten. Priced at $2995.00, this is perfect for the busy repair shop or any industry. No matter your price range, there is a wire feed welder perfect for you. Just look until you find one that fits your needs as well as your budget.

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