Vinyard Protection - Deer Fence vs Deer Repellents

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The deer damage in vinyard is becoming bigger problem year after year. With every passing year, the population of these animals is increasing, resulting in more loss to agricultural crops. Deer trample or eat on nurseries, forests, commercial and personal crops, vinyards, orchards, gardens and landscape plating. It is estimated that these animals cause million-dollar loss to agricultural properties each year. If you are a vinyard owner, you must be thinking of some ways to protect your property from deer problems. Here in this article, we discuss some important ways to keep the deer away from your property. Right from fencing, deer repellent plants to hunting, there many options to control deer.

Deer Fencing for Vinyard Protection

Fencing, though the best way to keep the deer out of your property, seems to be expensive. If your vinyard is big enough, the choice of a fencing system could be the most expensive. Fences are made with a wide range of materials such as wood, plastic, wire, stone, pipes etc. Plastic fencing is cheaper, but it does not turn out to be a durable product. However, most of the individuals opt for high tensile wire deer fence products, because they are the most effective and durable. On an average, they can last between 20 to 30 years. If you are planning to buy a fence, make sure you choose the right size to ensure full protection against deer. Choosing 8 to 10 feet tall fencing would be the great choice.

Most of the farmers with good budget opt for wire fences, but those with low budget can opt for electric fences, which are much cheaper than other styles of fences. They are much easy to maintain and install. The only problem with these systems could be the power, but solar electricity is available these days. They are suitable for areas, where there is adequate power availability. Electric fences have non-lethal electric current that will shock the deer and spook it. While you choose these types of fences, select the appropriate size. People use about 5 feet tall fences, but fully-grown deer are likely to jump over these systems.

Animal Repellents for Vinyard Protection

Other than deer fence installation, there are many other methods to protect your property from the menace of harmful animals such as deer, sheep, goat, dog, horse and many other creatures. One of the cheaper ways to control deer is to use animal repellents that smell bad to deer. You can also use animal repellent sprays and egg and garlic juice to keep the deer out of your vinyard. Some people choose hunting to drive away deer from their properties, but remember it should be as per the hunting law of the state or country. While you can try all these options for animal control, the deer fence mad with wire would be the most effective system, although it is costlier option.

Alina Cruz has been writing about vinyard protection strategies. She has published many articles to help vinyard owners manage their properties in an effective manner.

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