Viable Tree Root Systems for Tree Root Protection

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Tree roots are the most important part of a tree, because they provide all the nutrients and moisture for the proper growth. They help trees get oxygen, water and desirable minerals. Roots grow where water, minerals and oxygen are found in the soil. In order to protect roots, we need to make use of tree pits, which allow proper growth of roots. Tree pits can be both large as well as small. The larger ones are suitable if you need to plant bigger trees, while smaller pits seem to be perfect when planting a small tree. It is advisable to consult tree care professionals to determine what should be the size and design of a tree pit, because they are people who are aware of how to plant, grow and protect plants and trees.

Why to Protect Tree Roots

Tree roots are much vulnerable in urban areas especially in cities and towns, where trenching or repair works are quite common. These types of operations in urban areas affect the health of trees and can cause environmental problems. It is therefore you need to consult the arborists while doing repair or trenching operations. Trees are often planted along with pavements on roads and streets and but when they grow larger, the roots expand. The growth of roots may disrupt the surrounding infrastructure and lead to the cracking and lifting in pavements and buildings, it is important to guide roots in the certain direction to avoid disruption on the surrounding infrastructure, with least impact on the tree.

Tree Root Protection

In order to protect both roots and trees and prevent the damage to pavements and building on the street, the usage of root barrier seems to be the best solution. Root barriers come in different shapes and sizes. Some commonly used barriers include the ribbed modular units, the ribbed linear material, the dimpled and non-ribbed linear material to mention a few. Usually, root barriers are laid before the plant or tree is established. They are used to protect the tree when pavement reinstatement works are carried out. Though most of barriers are laid before the establishment of tree, the ribbed linear can be retrofitted around the existing trees. So far, the ribbed modular units, you can use them to to protect pavements and hard landscaped areas to divert root growth downward and outward.

Selecting Tree Root Systems

The City Green is the leading supplier tree root systems such as tree pits, root barriers, and other important tree root protection systems. All tree root systems supplied by the firm are simple and quick to install, according to the installers. However, the designers and contractors must ensure that they choose the right unit fitting into their need and budget. Compare various types of tree barriers in terms of size, shapes, design and prices and finally select the one that you find the most appropriate.

City Green is the leading supplier of tree root systems to avoid cracking or lifting in the pavement and buildings on the streets. They also offer information about tree roots and tree pits.

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