What is the Finest Time to Take a Grand Canyon Chopper Trip?

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Author: Luke Plunket

I'm a travel writer who specializes in finding Grand Canyon tour deals. My expertise is finding and promoting helicopter, bus, airplane and rafting specials. Click any link in my profile to get the latest information on the best canyon offers from Las Vegas and the South Rim (Grand Canyon Airport).

Grand Canyon helicopters fly to the National Park from dawn to sundown. For the majority of travelers, each flight is one to remember. But what if I said that by clocking your airline flight right, it might be better still?

Being a travel reviewer, I have been taking canyon heli trips for years. I've done early morning, lunch as well as dusk. Each gives you a distinctive view of the Park. However, in case I had my druthers, I would stick to morning departures.

I state this for several reasons:

The environment is smoother. As the day moves along, the sun heats the ground and produces turbulence. I've never had a trip that was irritatingly bumpy. However, if you're looking to take photographs, it matters. It also might make a difference if you are vulnerable to motion sickness.

The environment is clearer. The winds pick up after lunch plus they bring dust and perhaps smoke from area wildfires, which, due to drought, take place quite often during summer. That said, a certain amount of haze intensifies sunsets and makes early evening flights worth your consideration.

Summer thunderstorms avoided. The northern Arizona monsoon period runs from July through September. The season is marked by quick afternoon storms. The worst that can occur is you'll be grounded until the storm passes. I, however, think it's worth the wait: The Grand Canyon looks absolutely beautiful after a rain shower.

To get the flight and time you desire, you must book your Grand Canyon helicopter tour ahead of time by a minimum of a week. This principle applies to trips that originate from Sin City and Grand Canyon Airport (a.k.a. South Rim in Arizona).

Further reasons to RSVP are: 1) Heli tours are extremely popular and sell out. Last-minute bookings for two or more individuals are difficult to get. Should you succeed, anticipate paying out the nose; 2) morning as well as sunset flights are at the top of everyone's wish list; and 3) choppers only accommodate six people plus the pilot, thus putting a further stress on availability.

Like everyone else, I'm searching for a awesome deal on helicopter excursions, as well. Each day I search the Web for buddies, family as well as clients. I've reduced my strategy to get flight discounts to two basic points:

First, book ahead of time. The further out the better, with a minimum of a week in advance. Second, purchase your seats on the web. It's common knowledge that the best deals are on the internet. I only use tour providers that offer special online prices. And third, complete the entire reservation on the web. Using an agent will cost you more. This is the step that everyone falls down on.

I strongly believe that the absolute best way to take advantage of the National Park is by taking a Grand Canyon Heli tour. The canyon is a massive place (like over 1 million acres!), and copters tend to be the best method to come to terms with its awesomeness. And, for individuals who want to take their canyon experience to the next level, fly in the a.m.

Travel reporter Luke Plunket is an expert in reviewing canyon helicopter rides. He recommends readers look into these helicopter tours as they quite simply represent the best in safety and price.

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