Traditional ‘New Venetian Gold Granite’

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Author: Alberti Hannes

Its availability means ‘New Venetian Granite’ is cheaper than other rarer granites but this does not mean it is any less valuable, it is still mined by means of the same process as other types of granite and this process uses environmentally friendly state of the art machinery. Like most other granites no two slabs of ‘New Venetian Gold Granite’ are ever the same, so you will always be guaranteed a beautifully unique design.

The reason why ‘New Venetian Gold Granite’ possess such a unique design is mainly due to it colouring: that has rich gold under tones which is emphasized by small patterned flecks in many different shades of cream, brown, yellow and in some cases even green. This will give your kitchen or bathroom a warm inviting feel. Because ‘New Venetian Granite’ contains such a diverse range of colours it will look beautiful with an already existing colour scheme that has earthy or more natural tones. This type of granite would suit a more traditional kitchen as opposed to a modern one as the gold undertones give this granite a vintage look and feel.

The incredibly sort after gold toned colour scheme together with oak cabinets and a neutral tiled floor will look beautiful and will bring all aspects of your kitchen together, giving you a beautifully coordinated space in which to cook for family, entertain friends or simply relax with a coffee and the morning newspaper.

‘New Venetian Gold Granite’ is incredible durable and hard wearing which means it is perfect for any room in your house, it has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale (the scale used to measure the hardness of minerals) which means it can with stand most high impact blows, it will not scratch or scuff easily and it will take a considerable amount of force to dent or crack this type of granite. Its hard wearing durability makes it perfect for family kitchens and bathrooms alike.

Like most other granites as you may expect ‘‘New Venetian Gold Granite’ does need sealing, this will need doing every 6-8 months, however once it has been done your granite becomes stain proof and resistant to citrus or acidic liquids such as lemon juice and vinegar which means your stunning new counter tops will look as clean and new as the day they were installed.

‘Al-Murad Granite’, unlike many other worktop and kitchen retailers are members of the guild of master craftsmen, not only is this an indication of the excellent long last quality products that ‘Al-Murad Granite’ supply, they were given this position due to their impeccable customer service, which includes a professional measuring and installation service, so you and your family can sit back and relax as your beautiful ‘New Venetian Gold Granite’ kitchen is completed before your eyes.

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