Top 5 Most Dangerous Ways of Contraception

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Sex life becomes more and more common that the advertisements for abortion and contraception frequently appear on all kinds of public media, and contraception has already become an essential part of ordinary people’s life gradually. Believe it or not, choose a safe way of contraception in sex life is far more important than we imagined. Contraceptive ways differ among a variety of people, but the methods are all similar, and we summary 5 most dangerous way of contraception here for reference.

The first one is coitus interruptus, a very ancient measure which is still widely used especially when contraceptive medicine and tool are in shortage in the past. Coitus interruptus contraception method is simple, but it’s not reliable with high failure rates. Upcoming ejaculation and ejaculation is a coherent action, the interval between the two action is extremely short so that most men can not accurately grasp the opportunity to draw out from the vagina when they are about to reach orgasm. The initial sperm will come into a woman's vagina and the part of the sperm has a great number so it is likely to result in pregnancy.

Calculating the female ovulation period without using any contraceptive measures is a natural method of contraception, the benefits of which is that it will not cause any impression on the body or side effects, but the failure rate is very high, because women ovulation often changes, it is difficult to accurately calculate the ovulation period. This projection method is often unreliable, because the time of ovulation is influenced by external environment, climate, emotions, as well as health status and other factors, thereby ovulation may postpone or goes ahead of schedule, and additional ovulation may occur in some cases. In addition, the longest survival time of sperm and eggs in the female reproductive tract have no way to give final conclusion, therefore safety period can not be regarded as accurate.

The reason why most people choose condoms as a contraceptive method is nothing more than its convenience of purchasing and easy to use, but condoms are vulnerable to the impact of human use factors such as improper wearing, halfway sloughing or tearing and they will definitely affect contraceptive effect. Additionally, some people might be allergic to rubber products to cause discomfort, and some suggest that the use of condoms will affect pleasure. However, the condom has the great effect of the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and infectious diseases. It is proposed that it can be used together with other methods of contraception.

IUD (intrauterine device) is a long-term contraceptive measure, which may be retained in the uterus for 5 years, and its contraceptive success rate is also higher. However, some people, especially young women or women have never given birth might have repulsion, causing discomfort. Besides, wearing an IUD may result in menstrual volume increase or prolonged and extra menstrual bleeding.

Emergency contraceptive medicine is a remedial measure, and it can not be used as a regular means of contraception. the emergency contraceptive medicine achieve the purpose of post-coital contraception by inhibiting ovulation and interfering with egg fertilization or implantation mechanism, whose ingredient generally is a kind of single large dose of progesterone (equivalent to 8 times the short-acting oral contraceptives dose), and the dose will interfere with normal endocrine, easily leading to menstrual cycle disorders, irregular vaginal bleeding, and other symptoms, and using it repeatedly will case health problems, such as menstrual disorders, amenorrhea. Apart from that, the emergency contraceptive medicine will cause gastrointestinal irritation, so vomiting may occur after taking the pills and contraceptive effects will be discounted if the medicine is not taken again after vomiting. Research data show that emergency contraceptive effectiveness is only 85%, that is to say, even if using emergency contraception medicine, there still exists the risk of unintended pregnancy.

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