Tips To Clean Your Shower Screen

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Author: Adem Redmond

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The problem with glass shower screens is that they cannot be replaced like shower curtains. So whether you have one of those frameless sliding shower screens or semi frameless shower screens installed in the bathrooms of your house, cleaning can be a bit of a bother for you. Hard and mineral water deposits, mildew and soap scum are just a few things which can stain your screens and cause permanent damage. That is why cleaning your shower screens once a week is a good idea. Once you get the grit and grime out the first time, following it up with a weekly clean-up will be easy and less time-consuming. Here are tips to help you clean your shower screens.

1. White vinegar is a good cleaning agent. Fill a spray bottle with it and spray it on your shower screen. Wait for 5 minutes and then rub it off with a piece of cloth. Scrub it lightly to get the grime off. Repeat the process once again if there is still some grit left.

2. There may be stubborn grime on the screen. To remove this, toothpaste is great. Apply toothpaste on the grime and then scrub it off with a hard hand. Use a sponge for this and you will love the way it takes off the stains and dirt. Wash it off with cold water.

3. Damp a soft towel with vinegar and then wipe the screen with it. Once this stays on for a while, wipe it off with a clean piece of cloth.

4. Your shower screen will be squeaky clean by now!

The problem with shower screens; be they be semi frameless shower screens or frameless sliding shower screens, is that they need to be cleaned regularly. Unless you do this, there will be build-up. So it a good idea if you constitute screen-cleaning of your bathrooms into a weekly household chore. Once the initial build-up of grime and dust is gone, cleaning it once a week will not pose a problem for you. Once you have the screen, you can go about installing the hinges first. Make sure they have been put on tight enough. The next step would be to install the handles.Shower screens are heavy in structure since they are made of glass and it is okay if you need someone else’s help to shimmy yours into its place. The vinyl sweep is essential to make sure that your floor is free of water.

Today there are many varieties of shower screens available and more and more people are investing in them. This is because shower curtains don’t offer the long life of shower screens. If you maintain your bathroom shower screen properly, it can actually last you your whole life. So invest in high-quality shower screens for the bathrooms of your house.

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