The Variations Found When Comparing GPS Devices

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Researching global positioning systems will take you on various and convoluted paths. While most understand that global positioning systems (GPS) allow individuals the ability to determine the exact position of a given person, vehicle or item that is directly connected to the GPS, many do not realize the variations that can be found within a GPS.

As the quest to compare GPS devices begins, you will find that there are those that are designed to locate, record and store positions, some are intended to transmit the changing locations of a given target on a real time basis and scheduled intervals while still others posses the ability to allow stationary operators to access the location of a target on an as needed basis.

To clarify the various uses, we will start with the global positioning systems (GPS) that are referred to as data loggers. When one begins to compare GPS devices they will quickly learn that loggers are just that, they have the ability to record and log a person, vehicle or other targeted item at distinct intervals. This information is then saved within the memory of the devise and can be accessed at a later time or date.

One common type of a logging devise is represented in the digital camera that is able to log, store and relay the date and time a given picture was taken. Many private investigators will use this type of devise to save as back up and not be forced to follow a subject as closely.

Another type of GPS is classified as data pushers. These are also referred to at times as beacons. This form of device transmits at regular intervals. Commonly used by security based businesses, they relay positions to a designated server at predetermined intervals.

As you begin to compare GPS devices, you will notice that today's smart phones are able to offer this type of technology to the general public. In addition, companies that maintain employees that work away from the stationary office with use this type of GPS.

Many of these devices are installed on vehicles connected to the ignition switch allowing various home office employees to monitor the travel of those out in the field. This information is transmitted either by programmed triggers (turning the vehicle on or off) or by scheduled updates.

The last classification of devices one will discover when attempting to compare GPS devices is the data pullers. This form allows location information to be obtained whenever the owner desires.

The owner is able to 'pull' the necessary information when they wish. These devices are constantly on and normally used in situations where the location of a person, vehicle or item will only need to be accessed infrequently. One of the most common cases is to attach a device of this type to an object that has a high risk of being stolen.

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