The Old Star Wars: Going Back to the Basics

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Author: Anny Martha

Anny Martha

Star Wars is a wonderful movie franchise created by George Lucas. Some people brand it as a space opera, and some tend to think of it as a space western, whatever it may be, not many are aware of the star wars books from the old star wars series that the movie franchise has inspired.The first of the Star wars movie was released in the year 1977, which became an instant pop culture phenomenon. It had such a tremendous success that it, would go on to have two more sequels with an interval of three years in between. The popularity would still no wean off even after 16 years, when they made three prequels to the original series. The Star Wars trilogy is actually based on a 1976 book of the same name, written by Alan Dean Foster. The second book, Splinter of the Mind’s Eye released in 1978 was instrumental in expanding the Star Wars universe, and giving the readers an idea of the before and after the timeline of the previous book.

Star Wars fan boys are well aware of the fact that there is a huge list of Star Wars Books. Like the movies, these books are set in the distant land of the far far future, and are very popular with the ones who are enthralled by the movies. The numerous titles of the books stand testimony to the popularity of the books. The sheer number of the books is overwhelming, and one can easily lose years in finding and reading all the books. The books have a wider approach to the stories and characters. They come in all formats like short story compilations, novellas and novels. The stories do not follow a monotonous trend, rather they cover all genres from romance to dark thrillers, all set in the Star wars universe.

Some books give a detailed (fictional) historical account of how the Star wars universe began much before the time period of the first movie. The Old Star Wars is just as interesting as its newer counterparts and have achieved a cult status among the followers. The books are not written in a chronological order, and is written by many authors, depending on their views and the way they seem fit, hence the books are still being produced and the numbers are only rising. If you are an adherent fan of the series you better go pick up the latest book off the shelf and get to work reading it!

The Author is a very respected member of the writing community. She is a self proclaimed fan of the Star Wars Books and The Old Star Wars series, and has a tremendous amount of knowledge on the subject. For more information please visit

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