The Benefits of Using a Commercial Welder

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Author: Michelle Thompson

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Companies worldwide rely on the commercial welder in a number of different situations. Commercial welders can be electric welders, spot welders, gas welders as well as MIG or TIG welders to assist companies in all situations affording them the necessary application to complete a required weld on various jobs.

They are found in a multitude of industries including shipbuilding, aerospace and the automotive arena to include cars used for racing. These companies depend on the strength of the finished weld when constructing their particular product.

Many companies have experienced an increase in production due to the use of a commercial welder. These superbly manufactured welders afford businesses a cost effective alternative to high quality welding by increasing the production output.

In addition, a welder built to perform on a commercial basis is more likely able to handle the extreme production expectations found in many businesses. There are portable options also available to assist those companies that are required to weld out in the field or away from their shop.

These portable welders are as dependable as their closely related non-portable options. Another great option commonly found in a commercial welder is the ability to operate off of various electrical sources. Commercially rated welders commonly come with a three- phase option as opposed to the 1- phase option seen in residential rated welders.

This three- phase option allows them to operate from various electrical inputs without manual manipulation. This technology eliminates the down time that it takes to access other electrical input or various machines to complete a job. In turn, companies see quicker turn around time in their work.

This is especially important for those companies that find themselves commonly out in the field fabricating or repairing various equipment. One thing that remains unchanged regardless if one is using a residential welder or a commercial welder is the fact that matching the type of filler to the work piece will dictate the outcome of the quality of a weld.

In other words, the filler must be compatible to the metal being welded. Today fillers can be found in a number of types like tubular wire, solid wire, sheets, paste, power and foil.

However, as research and technology continues to gain ground, great advances are expected in being able to weld metals using dissimilar types of alloys or materials. These steps will provide commercial welding operations with even greater advantages in the years to come.


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