Tax Debt Relief: The IRS has Alternate Plans

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You can receive tax debt relief as soon as you want because the IRS is concerned for your tax returns and tax debts too. They do not want to harass you but want you to streamline your life and tax debts as much as possible. It is important that you put your taxes in line so that you can live a stress-free life. In an attempt to help tax payers, the IRS has developed several alternate methods of tax payment plans. This attempt made by the IRS is to minimize the penalties or the interests that may have accrued in not paying the taxes on time. Paying off your taxes on time is the best thing that you can do to avoid any extra payments. However, people get into different circumstances and may find it difficult to pay off taxes in time. Although you may have to be a bit worried if you are too late in paying off the taxes but you can take other measures to mend it.

What are the alternate tax payment plans?

The IRS has developed debt relief options for tax payers.

The top 3 alternate plans for payment are the following:
1. Request for additional time to pay: This depends on the tax payers personal and financial circumstances but a tax payer could actually qualify for additional time to pay off your taxes. The IRS may be willing to give you some extra time to pay and give you some easy tax relief as much as possible. As a tax payer, you could actually request for an extension of time which could range from 30 days to 120 days based on your situation. If you ask for debt relief options, chances are that you may be able to avoid paying any extra money on penalties as well as interests. You could even ask for extra time using the Online Payment Agreement option that is made available to users on the IRS website.

2. Request for Installment agreement: If you are thinking of how to get tax relief then a request for installment agreement may be your answer. According to this plan the IRS may give tax payers the permission to pay off the balance remaining in order of monthly installments with an Installment agreement plan. If you owe $25, 000 or anything less than that you could apply for installment agreement through an application for Online Payment Agreement. You could even get easy tax relief with a Form 9465 Installment Agreement Request with your tax return. You could be charged a $105 by the IRS as a fee for the agreement. However, this fee could be reduced to $52 for those tax payers who will set up an installment arrangement with direct debit. Again, this fee may be reduced to $43 for those who earn less than a certain level of income.

3. Request to pay by credit card: You could even charge your taxes on your debit card and to do so you must get in touch with one of the service providers or visit the website and follow their instructions.

Jacob Smith has written several articles about tax debt relief and debt relief options in case you are in a situation. You can find more articles by this writer on easy tax relief and how to get tax relief.

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