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Author: John Steffen

To get an organized kitchen remains a wishful thinking for a lot of people. They never manage to organize the kitchen the way in which they have seen in movies or in some friend or relatives house. Even if they try to make the kitchen organized, still they never have the patience to keep the place clean every time. One meal is cooked and the whole kitchen becomes a mess again!

What is the way out from such a situation? The only way out is to organize the place in such a manner that it remains the same and does not get spoiled every time. The one most important thing that needs to be considered is that while cooking any meal, one has to always keep in mind that the things which you pick from one place keep it in the same place after its use. Most often we pick up the bottles of spices from one place and keep it at some other place. This not only creates confusion, but it also makes the place disorganized and messy.

Utensils play a big role in keeping the kitchen in good shape. Try to wash the utensils as and when they get dirty. Don’t wait to wash the utensils once it becomes a huge pile. As if you wait to clean or wash them once it becomes a huge pile, then it will take a lot of your time and you will soon get exhausted too.

Try to use kitchen and pantry waste bins so that whatever waste is created in the pantry, it gets dumped in those bins. Apart from the big bin keep other small bins too here and there so that wherever you see waste, you have a place to dump it off. If you think you will only keep one bin at the place, then you will become lazy and the waste will keep accumulating.

Water is also a main constituent in our homes and a lot of water is required in the kitchens. If you keep a rectangular water tank, then it will store huge amounts of water and the problem of water getting wasted unnecessarily will also be saved. Choose some good quality rectangular water tanks for home, so that you don’t have to crib if the water does not come for a day or two as you have enough water stored in the tanks.

Keep some carts for your laundry, as the clothes that you wear have to be washed and you don’t have to throw them here and there every time. They can be kept in these laundry carts and all the problem of clothes piling on will no more bother you.

This way not just your kitchen, but a lot of other areas gets cleaned and they will remain clean.

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