Creative Class Embracing Life Outside City Centres

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Author: David McFarlane

The writer is associated with Canadian Apartment Properties Real Estate Investment Trust (CAPREIT), which is Canada's largest owner of multi-family rental communities; CAPREIT provides safe, secure, and comfortable accommodations in regions like Queens Avenue, Victoria BC Apartments for Rent,Aparment Rentals in Halifax and Apartments for Rent Toronto etc .

Young professionals whose careers have had their beginnings in creative industries are moving in higher volumes to suburban areas, accepting that their lower salaries prevent them from being able to afford housing prices and rental rates in urban centres.

Upcoming generations, whose parents, the so-called Baby Boomers, worked tirelessly to provide resources to and opportunities for their children, are often choosing careers in creative industries and the flexible lifestyles many of these afford. Having witnessed the emotional, physical and often financial stress their parents experienced following long hours at high-pressure jobs, more and more youth are content to live on less and outside of major cities.

Whereas twenty years ago, workers in the same demographic would have chosen to live in cities such as Toronto or Montreal, people in comparable demographics and at similar career stages are renting outside the city, taking up in Hamilton, or opting for Apartments for Rent in Saint Leonard.

Young professionals, relishing the latitude that working in creative industries such as media, web design, fine arts or architecture afford them are emboldened to turn their backs on the economic realities that defined their youth.

Just as someone who in previous generations would have been drawn to Montreal might now take one of the available Apartments for Rent in Saint Leonard, more and more young professionals are also opting not to make significant investments in expensive possessions. For example, recent studies show that fewer young professionals in today’s economy are buying cars. Already burdened by stressful debt loads from expensive secondary school tuition fees, many young professionals in the modern economy would rather not assumed more debt. In order to travel or to have access to expensive items in general, today’s young professionals are content to rent.

As a consequence of these tendencies, when today’s young professionals settle in communities outside of urban centres, they are more likely to invest their creativity, time and disposable income in their immediate environs. Such a change in behaviour is helping to bolster economies that suffered in previous generations when those with money to spend flocked to the city.

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