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Author: Alberti Hannes

It is a visually stunning type of granite, it features a deep emerald green back ground which is complimented by flecks of rich gold, green, white and even mid night blue.

Because of these beautiful flecks of colour, ‘emerald pearl’ is incredibly versatile, it can be paired with traditional light wooden cabinets and neutral tiled floors to give your kitchen a rustic, earthy feel, but a sleek white and chrome cabinets with a brilliant white tiled floor and a mirrored splash back would really bring out the emerald under tones in your granite work tops and at the same time give your kitchen an ultra-modern look and feel. It is the beautiful colouring, unique accents and its versatility that makes ‘Emerald pearl’ granite so sort after.

This particular type of granite originated in Norway, is it mainly exuviated by state of the art machinery from the Klaastad quarry located in the village of Larvik in southern Norway , but several ‘Emerald Pearl’ quarries can be found throughout the country, which also makes ‘Emerald Pearl’ the most environmentally friendly granite to own. Because these quarries are so abundant this type of granite is one of the cheapest granites to buy, so you are getting a beautiful set of counter tops at amazing value for money.

Like most other granites ‘Emerald Pearl’ is incredibly hard wearing, it has a score of 6 to 6 1/2 on the Moh scale, which is the scale used to measure the hardness and density of rock and minerals. This score means this type of granite, once installed into your kitchen will last you a life time. It is resistant to corrosive liquids such as lemon juice and vinegar and it can also with stand such high temperatures that not even a naked flame will have a melting affect. It is very dense which means it can withstand high impact blows and breaks; your counter top will not be scuffed or scratched if a heavy object is dropped on it.

‘Emerald Pearl’ is a child and family friendly granite as it is non-porous so it is very hygienic, it does not soak up liquid spills which can be easily wiped away with an absorbent cloth, so there are no harmful cleaning chemicals left on your kitchen surfaces. Over time your stunning unique kitchen work tops may need renovating, with ’Emerald Pearl’ this process is incredibly easy, unlike most other granite counter tops it does not need sealing or treating so you can simply clean them with soap and water, helping them to regain that eye catching shine and mesmerizing colour they possessed the day they were installed.

So, not only will ‘Emerald Pearl’ granite give your kitchen a stunning new lease of life, it is also child, pet and environmentally friendly. It is available from ‘Al-Murad Granite’ at an amazing price, so, you can have your dream kitchen just in time for Christmas.

The author of this article is a leading interior designer and real estate expert. The main aim of this article is to let people know more about Kitchen Granite Countertops UK and where to buy cheap discounted Granite Worktops in UK.

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