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Author: John Steffen

Waste is found everywhere and we can reduce the waste from our homes. To start from our home it is a simple process where one individual present in the house will take responsibility to divide the waste into sections like organic, recyclable, hazardous, and electronic. The effort requires placing the small bins in separate categories of the waste that is mentioned and they can be disposed of easily. The recyclables that you use can be disposed of easily. It can be combined together in one container, but care must be given to discard the organic and hazardous waste in one container.

Several people use a bin liner to discard the waste, as it ensures that the process does not become messy. To reduce the waste you must begin reducing it from the source and bin liners must not be used to discard the organic waste, as it only adds up to the ever increasing challenge of managing the waste. The organic waste can be discarded without the need of a bin liner from the dustbin and then later the dustbin can be emptied. This process will ensure that your money is saved and it also reduces the carbon footprint of your house.

When paper has to be disposed, then ensure that it is discarded in a proper manner. It can be later used as a rough paper and your money will be saved. Before you dispose the electronic waste, you must ensure that it must be in such a condition that it is of no use. If you think you’ve no use of it then you can use it to donate it to a library or to someone who’s more needy of it. When the hazardous waste has to be disposed like batteries, ensure that the life of the battery has been utilized and you can purchase the batteries that are rechargeable. Use containers for food and grain storage to avoid any wastage.

5 kg of waste generated in an Indian family on a daily basis. It can be organic, recyclable and even inert in nature. Several households do not divide the waste at home which results in the waste being disposed of and getting mixed. Get medical waste bins for home to ensure cleanliness.

High level of moisture mainly due to huge organic content and other eating habits of the people leads to this scenario. The Indian waste management system is not organized and it further adds up to the challenge of managing the waste. The individuals who’re involved in this field have some knowledge of trash management practices and even the collection process.

To reduce the waste is what we, at Frontier Polymers, believe in! We began our journey in 1989. Today, we are a leading manufacturer of water tanks, storage containers, litter bins, and road safety products.

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