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Optician is a medical professional who deals with eye care. A series of test help him in detecting the eye defects.

One anywhere and at any time of the day can get affected by vision problems. Some eye problems are not genetic while some are. The common ocular problem that arises as the age increases is due to cellular degradation. The genetic sight problem on the other hand arises at very early stages of life. These are why one needs to take up frequent habitual eye examinations. Before the problem becomes worse these examination help in treating them at early stages. If conducted by a licensed optician San Antonio an extensive eye examination should last for at least and hour. Although the tests have common grounds the eye examinations differ depending upon the optician one is consulting. 

How to choose the right optician?

There are the few points that one needs to concentrate on while scheduling an appointment with an optician. The standard of living, the issues regarding the eyesight and the overall health issues are to be discussed. The most recent or the previous spectacle used should be informed to the care professional. Determine one to be a suitable candidate for the eye glasses or making use of contact lenses. The optician needs to make sure that the patient has no problem in his vision. They should be able to clearly make out the well distant object, the nearer ones, or the reading distance. The other ailments besides the genetic factors affecting the vision should also be determined.

What are the tests carried out?

Opticians carry out several eyes test to diagnose the problem. The results of these test helps them to start the specific treatment required. The procedure of reading the prescription which can later be adjusted is called the retinoscope. To count the internal pressure on the eye a device called tonometer is used. This device is very useful for people who are above the age of forty years or those who are potential to get develop glaucoma. The illness of the optic nerve is referred to as glaucoma. To intense the measure of the patients field view the visual field screeners are made use of. The color vision test is used to detect the genetic defects as this it is a genetic problem. Most of the color defects cannot be corrected and these are common among men. Once the defects are detected the optician San Antonio treats the problem.

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This article is written by Alester Brown. She has been writing articles on healthcare from over 5 years now. The articles are quite informative and engaging. Besides this she tries to cover different aspects of San Antonio eye doctor in this article, which is surely a must read matter over the web.

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