Safety Checklist for Christmas Lighting

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Author: Jason Chance

Christmas lights, numerous gifts, a big Christmas tree, lots of ornaments, socks hanging over the fireplace are all that you can think of at this time of the year. It does not really matter what the age is, everyone is as excited about Christmas as they could be. It is a festival of giving, or forgiveness and of happiness and inevitably brings out the good in each individual. Lights are everywhere beginning from the month of November as the festive season arrives and you may be able to see houses lit up these two months. These lights make the festive season even more attractive with the different colors and the different patterns in which they can glow.

Christmas lights are really beautiful and they make your home look even more beautiful but when you are using Christmas lighting in and around your house it is also important that you keep safety in mind. Electricity can cause a lot of hazards and getting back what you have lost can become quite expensive. This is the reason you must be very careful when using lights during the festive season. So, before you start celebrating make sure you have checked all that you put in your checklist of safety measures during the festive season.

Here is a checklist of the things that you must take care of before you start enjoying the festivities of the season:

• Check the single pieces of lights in a string of lights for any crack in the cords or loose connections before using the string.
• Check to see if your Christmas tree is well watered before using Christmas lights on it because a dry tree is more susceptible to fire. Watering your tree will keep it hydrated, green and fresh and it will help your house from catching any fire.
• Check to see if the lights that you bought have fused plugs. If not then discard or return those lights and get one that has fused plugs for a safe Christmas.
• Check your bulbs to see if they are worn out. If they are then you must replace them immediately and also check the wattage to make sure there is no overload or no dis balance.
• Check to see if you have made arrangements for a ground fault circuit interrupter outlet to lower the risk of short circuits because water and debris can easily get inside your outdoor sockets.
• Check your extension cords because they have a tendency to get overheated. If the cord is hot unplug the cord.
• Check to see if you have the appropriate material to hang the Christmas lighting. It is advisable to use insulated hooks. Do not use any screws or nails to hang the lights because they can pierce the cables and you could get electrified.
• Check for ground level extension cords and make sure you have taped them down to prevent any sort of accidents from tripping.
• Check the Christmas lights that you buy and make sure they are approved by a testing laboratory. Check for a list of labs that are federally recognized for safety.

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