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Author: Dana Davis

Did you lose your beautiful smile because you got a lost or a missing tooth? It’s about time to get that solved by restoring your beautiful and glowing smile because beauty radiates from within.

Having a complete set of beautiful, white and strong teeth makes a person be more confident of the way he or she looks. Many people say that it is one of the crowning glories that could be possessed. However, if by any chance that such possession was unintentionally lost, you may feel that something was taken from you forever. Worry no more because with the help of high tech tools and procedures, you can now smile without covering your mouth due to incomplete set of teeth.

Choose the Best Option for You

Undergoing a dental treatment or procedure can be very painful, but because of the modernized dentistry tools and gadgets, pain can be just like a bite of an ant for you. One of which procedure is the so called dental bridges wherein a permanent dental restoration will be used to substitute your lost tooth or teeth by joining together the artificial tooth or teeth and the nearby teeth or dental implants. In dentistry, there are three types of dental bridges that are applied to a certain patient and those types are as follows:

Ø The resin-bonded bridges of the Maryland-bonded bridges. – This particular type of dental bridges is chosen if the space to be filled is located on the front teeth and if the teeth on either side of the lost tooth have no large fillings and is strong and healthy. In this procedure, the dentist will make a false tooth which is made of plastic and is placed to metal bands that will be attached to the adjoining teeth with the use of a resin which will be kept from being seen.
Ø The traditional fixed bridge is considered the most commonly used among the other types of bridges. This consists of pontic placed between two porcelain crowns that will be attached to the teeth closest to the lost tooth.
Ø The last type is the cantilever bridges wherein it is applied in areas which are more likely to be at risk of lower stress and if the bridges will be attached to only one tooth.

Replacing a lost or missing tooth is very important because it could prevent tooth decay and future gum disease problems and most especially it can help you regain your physical appearance. However, the replacement of your tooth by placing dental bridges does not mean that you can do anything with your teeth again because it is also necessary to take care of those bridges after the procedure. This can be done by having a good diet or eating habits, brushing your teeth and practicing proper dental hygiene. It is also important to select the best dentist in town who is well-skilled and highly trained to perform delicate dental procedures such as dental bridges. They must have the ability to determine what should be the best remedy for your dental problem and how to prevent it in the future. Your dental problems will be professionally handled by them in order for you to bid goodbye to your frowning face when had you had your tooth lost and say hello to your new set of sparkling, white teeth.

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