Research Highlights Effectiveness of Surgical Weight Loss

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Author: Janice Mills

More than 5 million Canadians are considered obese. Traditional and popular methods of weight loss have done little to curb this figure. In fact, the incidence of obesity has only increased. After more than a decade of successful procedures, doctors now confidently recommend Lap-Band surgery as an effective form of treatment for weight loss.

Doctors are encouraged by the recent findings about the effectiveness of Lap-Band surgery, particularly in the face of such an alarming increase of obesity among Canadians. In 2005, the measured rate of obesity for Canadian youth between 12 and 17 years old was 9.4%.

The popularity of Lap-Band surgery in North America has increased steadily since it was first introduced in the mid-1990s. New research suggests that Lap Band Success Stories are driving more and more people to consider this procedure as an effective weight loss solution.

The procedure, which is minimally invasive, has helped thousands of people shed pounds they had been unable to lose using other approaches. During the procedure trained surgeons insert a prosthetisc, a Lap-Band, around the upper portion of the stomach, reducing it in size. Patients feel satiated by a smaller quantity of food, allowing them to enjoy their favourite meals while still losing weight.

Patients are amazed at the immediate results that the surgery can have on their weight loss. They marvel at the differences they see in their figures with Lap Band Before After. In a study that considered the weight loss achieved by patients three years after Lap-Band surgery, the majority of people had shed more than 45% of their excess body weight. On average, study subjects had shed 53% of their excess body weight. Other reports, which looked at patients over a similar period of time, revealed that loss of excess body weight ranged from 50 to 65%.

These results are compelling, even when considered against the risks of the surgery. In exchange for such dramatic results, the Lap-Band operation requires the patient to spend only a limited amount of time in the hospital. Most patients recover quickly. Medical experts consider the procedure a safe alternative to stomach stapling and procedures that re-route the intestinal tract.

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