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Author: David McFarlane

The writer is associated with Canadian Apartment Properties Real Estate Investment Trust (CAPREIT), which is Canada's largest owner of multi-family rental communities; CAPREIT provides safe, secure, and comfortable accommodations in regions like Queens Avenue, Victoria BC Apartments for Rent,Aparment Rentals in Halifax and Apartments for Rent Toronto etc .

As the largest city in Eastern Canada, Halifax is the site of several historically significant events which helped build the country’s reputation on the international stage. It is not uncommon for those looking for Apartments for Rent Halifax to seek out accommodations which showcase the historic incidents that shaped the city.

In recent decades, Halifax has cultivated a strong reputation for its efficient and safe port, helping to move cargo through and along the Eastern Seaboard. However, the port’s significance was first heightened during the Second World War when it acted as a lifeline for British soldiers during the Battle of Britain and during the Battle of the Atlantic. Many convoys assembled in the city’s basin to deliver supplies to troops in Europe.

Before that time, Halifax was known to many people as the site of great tragedy where a massive explosion killed more than 1,900 people. On Dec. 6th, 1917, munitions ships travelled to the city’s harbour, which was popular because it is naturally deep and ice-free. Merchant and naval ships filled the basin, anchored and waiting to be loaded with new cargo. One boat, which was behind schedule, empty and therefore travelling faster than normal, ran in to another which was carrying explosives and volatile material. A fire resulted, leading eventually to the boat drifting toward the city. Listing against the pier and still on fire, an explosion on its deck eventually decimated the ship and flattened two square kilometres of Halifax’s so-called North End. A pressure wave or tsunami came next and many nearby ships became unmoored by its force. Hundreds of Haligonians, many of whom had been on land during the explosion, were injured by shattered glass and by fires that began throughout the city. Rescue efforts were stymied by a dramatic blizzard that followed. The Halifax Explosion, as the incident later became known, was considered the largest man-made explosion until the bombing of Hiroshima in 1945.

While the Halifax has long since recovered, evidence of the explosion remains and still inspires the curiosity of tourists and city residents. Heritage buildings house the most popular apartments, as those interested in Renting in Halifax seek out abodes that best showcase the city’s rich history.

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The author of this article is affiliated with CAPREIT, an investment property firm committed to providing safe, secure and comfortable accommodationApartments for Rent in Halifax to renters in more than 30,000 units throughout Canada. For more information visit:-

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