Reasons Nigerians should fly to India for a gastric bypass surgery

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Author: John Steffen

More and more Nigerians are flying to India for surgeries. As per an estimate, about 10-20 Nigerians fly to India every day for medical care. A large number of these patients undergo gastric bypass surgery in India. Because these weight loss surgeries are quite cost-effective – read "affordable" – in this country; moreover, highly experienced and professional surgeons and care team ensure you get the most out of your gastric bypass surgery in India.

It is to be noted that gastric bypass surgery is a weight loss surgery, which is typically performing laparoscopically. Gastric bypass is arguably the most-effective weight loss surgery around, provided the patient and his family stick to the post-operative standards prescribed by the surgery team. The surgical procedure involves reducing a significant portion of the stomach, and bypassing a certain length of the small intestine so that the patient can't eat much, and lesser amount of nutrients are absorbed by the small intestine. The result is patient loses weight quickly; however, it is to be noted that post-operative lifestyle plays a vital role in how much you get out of the surgical procedure.

Sleeve gastrectomy surgery in India is another weight loss option for Nigerian patients; it is less invasive in nature as compared to gastric bypass. In this procedure, a surgeon only operates on the stomach, and the remaining portion of the stomach looks like a sleeve. It is also quite effective in inducing weight loss in the patients, who are obese and are at a danger of developing diseases, like heart diseases and diabetes.

The good news for Nigerian patients is the waiting period in India is nil. So you can expect to undergo the surgery within days once you are qualified for a surgery. Yes, there are tests that can be carried out to confirm whether you are an ideal candidate for the gastric bypass surgery in India.

Here are some more reasons Nigerian patients should consider India for their weight loss surgeries:

  • A large number of hospitals in this country have the state-of-the-art infrastructure to carry out such surgeries
  • Surgeons in India are highly experienced and have performed hundreds of such surgeries.
  • Indian hospitals and surgeons prove highly cost effective when compared to their UK and US counterparts.

Last, but not the least, make sure you talk to the surgeon at least once and confirm your arrival and accommodation before catching the flight. India is a wonderful country. But, coming prepared goes a long way.

Excessive weight gain can cause multiple numbers of problems if it is not corrected on time. Traditional methods have become passe, now you must visit Atul Peters to know more about sleeve gastrectomy surgery in India and its prospects.

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